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Building Your Practice Website


Learn how to build a website for your practice through tools provided by the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons.


Sarah Meyer Hughes

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Use of ASSH Public Education Materials
ASSH members only may use the patient education materials from the ASSH website on their website. ASSH members may modify the content, but if they do, they must say "Material modified from the American Society for Surgery of the Hand." If the content is not modified, members must note that the material is "Copyright of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand."

Please hyperlink any mention of the ASSH name back to

Non-ASSH members may not use the ASSH public education materials on their personal or practice websites. Non members may link to the ASSH website, provided it is clear that the site is in no way associated with ASSH.

Promote Your Website
Once you've built your site, add your site url to your ASSH profile. If you are an ASSH dues paying Active, International or Candidate member, a link to your site will appear along with your other contact information on the Find-a-Hand Surgeon pages of the ASSH website. (Per ASSH Policy, Candidate Resident and Candidate Fellow members are not featured in Find-a-Hand Surgeon.)

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