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 AMA 2010 Annual Meeting Report

AMA Annual meeting
June 12-16, 2010
Executive Summary
The highlights of the meeting:
  • AMA endorsed principles for accountable care organizations, an important element of healthcare reform
  • AMA will revisit the idea of becoming an organization of organizations, rather than an organization of individuals

The AMA continues to work hard for the medical profession and for hand surgeons. The ability of the AMA to work for physicians, and to represent physicians effectively, is determined in a large part by the percentage of American physicians who belong to the AMA. Your AMA representatives encourage all physicians to belong to the AMA, and participate in the debate to define and enable the initiatives and activities outlined above. Remember, all American physicians benefit from the activities of the AMA, whether they are members or not. It is not fair for the burden of all this activity to be borne by the few, for the benefit of the many. Your AMA representatives encourage all physicians to do their fair share and support the AMA as members. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the AMA House of Delegates in the coming year.
Respectfully submitted,
Peter C. Amadio, MD and Nicholas Vedder, MD; AAHS delegate and alternate
David M. Lichtman, MD and Stewart Haskin, MD; ASSH delegate and alternate