1. In connection with this CME activity, I will prepare a handout, PowerPoint presentation, or other digital format presentation, as required by ASSH (the “Presentation”).

2. I hereby grant ASSH (i) the right to make both audio and video recordings of the Session (“Recordings”; and (ii) a non-exclusive, transferable, perpetual, royalty-free license to publish (and otherwise use) the Recordings and the Presentation, or any portion thereof, in any form and in any language (including all media, both now known or later developed) (the “License”).  ASSH may assign the License and its other rights under this agreement.  The License includes the right to (i) adapt the Presentation and the Recordings for use in conjunction with computer systems and programs, audio playback systems, and the world-wide web, including reproductions or publication in machine-readable form and incorporation in retrieval systems; (ii) freely modify and make derivative works based on the Presentation and the Recordings; and (iii) add to, subtract from, arrange, revise, and alter any and all of the Presentation and/or the Recordings and/or to combine the Presentation and/or Recordings with material created or written by others, provided, however, ASSH shall be responsible for any material changes that it makes to the Presentation’s substantive content.  In the event ASSH decides to use the Presentation or the Recordings other than (or in addition to) in connection with the Session, it shall notify you of such use.  You agree and acknowledge that you will receive no monetary compensation whatsoever from ASSH for the License, publication of the Presentation or Recordings, sales of the Presentation or Recordings, or any other use of the Presentation or Recordings consistent with this agreement.

3. I hereby represent that, to the best of my knowledge ―

(a) The content of my Presentation is accurate

(b) The Presentation does not violate any copyright, proprietary rights or personal rights of others

(c) The materials, including photographs, used in this Presentation do not identify, by name or otherwise, suggest the identity of, or present a recognizable likeness of any patient or others; or, if they do, I have obtained all necessary consents from patients and others for the further use, distribution and publication of such materials

(d) The Presentation will be educational in nature, will not promote any product or service, and will not contain any false or misleading statements regarding any products or services or include materials that are anticompetitive, slanderous, libelous or otherwise illegal, offensive or inappropriate

(e) I am authorized to make these representations

If I discuss therapeutic options during the Presentation, I will use only generic names or the trade names of several companies to the extent possible.

I represent and warrant that I will conform to all proper medical practices and procedures for the treatment of patients for whom no medical history is available, including adherence to universal precautions, with respect to any contact I may have during the Course with cadaveric specimens or cadaveric material.  In the event that I incur a needle stick injury, cut, or other exposure to blood borne pathogens, I shall immediately notify the ASSH Staff, complete an Incident Report, and take such other follow-up measures as deemed appropriate.

I have read these Terms and Conditions of Engagement and agree to be bound by them.

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