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 PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Creating a Presentation for On-Site Use at ASSH Courses & Meetings

Helpful Design Tips

  • Headlines should be created at 36-40 points with body text at minimum 24 points
  • San serif fonts are recommended for best visability
  • Light colored text on a dark background is preferred
  • Avoid using red or green font which is hard to read
  • Keep your formatting consistent and do not switch between fonts
  • Limit lines of text on each slide to no more than 6-7 (max)
  • Images placed on PPT slides should be resized to approximately 800x600 pixels and saved as a JPEG. 
  • Don't forget to proofread and spell check your slides!
  • Backup your presentation and associated files (vidoe and audio clips) regularly.  A copy of your final presentation should be brought with you on a USB stick to the meeting.

Embedded Pictures and Images

  • If you use pictures and/or image files they should be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Resolutions higher than 72 dpi will not enhance the quality; they will only unnecessarily increase the file size of your presentation


  • You may choose to embed non-standard fonts, however, embedding fonts can sometimes cause slides to become un-editable on other PC’s

Microsoft provides a utility that can tell you if a Font can be embedded. It is located at the following link.

Video Clips

  • Save all video clips in WMV format; MPG and AVI formats may also be used
  • Use only standard compression codec’s used by Windows
  • Place movie files in the same folder (directory) as your presentation before you insert them into your presentation(s)
  • Make sure you include all movie clips utilized when you submit your presentation.  PowerPoint does not embed video clips.  Only a link is made to the video file.  Copy the video clips you want to insert into the same folder as the PowerPoint file.  This will eliminate the problem of PPT losing the link to the file.
  • Please keep in mind that many videos can be as effective at lower resolutions

For MAC Users

  • Save all image files as JPEG, NOT TIF, some TIF files will not appear on a Windows PC
  • Save all movie files as MPG or AVI, NOT QUICKTIME, QuickTime files will not play in PowerPoint on a Windows PC
  • Use slide transitions and custom animations sparingly as some may not play properly on a Windows based PC
  • Use common cross platform fonts such as Arial, Courier or Times New Roman
  • Check your presentation(s) on a Windows PC before submitting to check for conversion issues