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 Handout Policy

Handouts can have a significant impact on how much course participants learn from an educational session.  For this reason the Courses and Meetings Advisory Committee has developed the following policy for programs that offer continuing medical education credit. 

  1. An ASSH staff member is assigned to each course as the staff liaison.  This person will be responsible for collecting, reviewing, and submitting the handouts for publication in the course syllabus. 
  2. Handout(s) should be submitted to the ASSH office in digital form (via email or file sharing) by the deadline provided by your staff liaison for syllabus production. 
  3. All faculty participants are required to provide a handout for their presentations.  Failure to do so may jeopardize future participation in ASSH CME programs as faculty.   Faculty who miss the submission deadline are expected to make and bring copies, at his or her expense to hand out to provide for course attendees.   

Download the handout template

Content Guidelines

Handouts Should Include:

  • A cover page which includes the course name and number (if applicable), presentation title and the presenter's name.  Cover page should also include any financial/commercial disclosures, if applicable.
  • 3 – 5 key messages with room for notes.
  • Line drawings, graphs and diagrams where relevant
  • Pearls which will be useful for practice.
  • A bibliography listing at least 5 key and current references.
  • If PowerPoint slides are submitted, please
    • remove the background and prepare as for black/white copies.
    • submit as a PDF with 3 slides per page unless otherwise instructed.


  • Pictures and x-rays which do not copy well.
  • Direct copies of slide presentation outline - remove the background from slides and be sure images are legible.
  • Journal articles and book chapters as handouts which will not be accepted due to copyright infringement laws. Any copyright release is the responsibility of the faculty member.

Suggested Layout Guidelines & Helpful Tips

  • Use a standard font such as Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial at 11 or 12 point.
  • Margins (inches): Left – 1.25; Right – 1.0; Top – 1.0; Bottom – 3.0.
  • Allow adequate space for note taking.
  • Do not crowd the page.  Double space some paragraphs or points in the outline.
  • Use bullets or symbols to draw attention easily and quickly to key points. 
  • Use bold lower case or put in a box to highlight text.
  • Highlight the “Key Facts” or “Special Considerations,” etc.

Download the handout template


Submission Guidelines

Handout MUST be submitted electronically and should be saved in the following format: “LastName_PresentationTitle”


Submission Options

  1. Send handout by email to your staff contact; if unknown send to  
  2. Create a shared folder using a service such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Docs
  3. Upload them to (up to 2GB - individual files) or (up to 100MG - can send multiple files as a group)                                          

For questions regarding handouts, please contact the ASSH at or call (312) 880-1900.

Meetings Staff:
Angie Legaspi, CMP, Meetings Director
Kris Delas Armas, CMP, Meetings & Corporate Relations Manager
Diana Shkap, Meetings Coordinator
Jessica Daniels, Education Channel Manager
Becca Daly, CME Assistant