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 67th ASSH Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts

Abstract Policy and Procedures 
Each abstract submission category will have its own submission link and form.  Please read through the policy and procedures before submitting to ensure you are entering your abstract for the correct activity type. 
  1. Review the policy and procedures for each abstract activity.
  2. Click on the submission link for the activity for which you wish to submit an abstract.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on each page, entering in required information as you go.
  4. After your abstract has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your abstract login information.  You can continue to login and update your abstract through the submission deadline.  Your abstract will not be reviewed until after the deadline.
  5. For questions, contact us at (847) 384-8300 or email
2012 Call for Abstracts
67th Annual Meeting Submission Deadlines
(Deadlines are subject to change and are in effect at 11:59 PM CST on the day indicated.) 
Download the 2012 Call for Abstracts
November 14, 2011
Instructional Course​
February 20, 2012
Paper Presentation​ ​
Residents and Fellows Conference Papers & Posters​
March 12, 2012 
E-Poster Presentations 
International Guest Hand Society Posters​ 

Notification Schedule
Precourse, Instructional Course and Symposia submitters will receive their accept/reject notices in January 2012.  All other categories will receive notification of their abstract's status in March/April 2012.  Submitter’s will have the opportunity to make any final changes to their abstract for a limited period of time after they have been notified of their abstract’s acceptance.  To contact the ASSH about your submission, please email  Please reference your abstract number and the name of your primary author in any communication to help us identify which abstract you are following up on. 
ASSH Policy & Procedures
NOTE: The ASSH does not pay for any meeting relating costs for accepted presenters, including hotel, travel or registration fees.  Special arrangements for international guests for Symposia or Instructional Courses to cover lodging and/or meeting registration fees must be made in advance and receive approval from the Program Chair(s).  Email for more information.
  1. If you are a presenter, you are required to register and pay to attend the conference.
  2. Scientific Abstracts (Paper, Poster, International Poster, and R/F Conference Presentations) must include the following sections: Hypothesis, Methods, Results and Summary Points and are limited to a maximum of 400 words.   An abstract may be edited and published by the ASSH if accepted.
  3. Scientific Abstracts are marketed as “never-before-heard” material.  Please do not submit paper or poster proposals which have been published, presented or are scheduled for presentation/publication prior to September 6, 2012.
  4. A maximum of two images may accompany an abstract submission (includes any graphics, tables or charts).  All images must be “print-ready” with a minimum 300 DPI at the time of submission.  If accepted, the abstract and images will be reproduced in an abstract book which will be copied in black and white.
  5. The Hand Society require that all speakers at programs granting Continuing Medical Education credit provide a financial/commercial disclosure statement. All financial interests in the product or process involved with the research must be properly identified. This includes stock ownership, membership on an advisory board or board of directors, corporate sponsored research, or any other substantive relationship.   A disclosure statement will be collected from EACH author listed on the abstract.  It is the responsibility of the submitting author to obtain these disclosures from each author!
  6. Max of 6 authors (including the primary/presenting author) may be listed on any Paper or Poster abstract.
  7. Max of 4 faculty (including chair/moderator) for any Instructional Course or Symposium abstract.
  8. An accepted abstract may be edited and published by the ASSH.
  9. Those who have an accepted abstract for paper presentation by the ASSH Program Committee (for the General Session and/or the Residents and Fellows Conference) will be required to provide a manuscript for review by the program discusser.
  10. Paper and e-poster submissions are required to include the level of evidence for the research being presented.  See level of evidence guidelines.

Special Note for Paper/E-Poster Submitters:
If your abstract is a good candidate for either a Paper/Podium presentation OR an E-Poster Display please submit your abstract under the Paper Abstract activity.  There will be an option to indicate your preference as “paper or e-poster” during the submission process.  All abstracts checked as “paper or e-poster” will FIRST be considered for podium presentation; only a limited number of podium presentations can be accepted and your submission will be considered for a E-Poster if it is not accepted as a Paper.

Please DO NOT submit your abstract as a Paper and again under the E-Poster section.  The Poster Abstract section is only for E-Poster-Only submissions and should not be duplicated in other abstract categories.
Special Note for Residents & Fellows Conference Submitters:
If you are a Resident or Fellow you may submit your abstract to both the Paper Presentation category and to the Residents & Fellows Conference category to be considered for Podium Presentation in both programs. If accepted into both activities you will have the choice of choosing one or participating in both. 
NOTE: There is no “e-poster-only” option for the R/F Conference as posters are not always presented during this program.  Based on the total number of submissions and the overall quality of the abstracts received, the Residents and Fellows Conference Committee will determine after the abstract submission deadline has closed if they will invite submitters to present their study as a paper or e-poster.  If you only wish to present your abstract as a e-poster then you should submit within the general ASSH E-Poster Abstract section.  
If your abstract is accepted as a Paper, E-Poster or R/F Paper/E-Poster it will be up to YOU to decline invitation if the same abstract is accepted into multiple categories.  Please do not accept presentation in overlapping categories if you do not wish to present it in multiple formats.