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 Our Future

Our Future In Hand
Building Our Foundation for the Next 25 Years

The Trustees and Council recently approved an exciting change to the mission of the Foundation, one that builds on the strong programs we’ve supported over the last 25 years.  The new mission captures the “three-legged stool” strategy to support research, education and outreach and is at the heart of our new capital campaign that will span the next four years.

By growing our Foundation, we will be able to fund broader research initiatives; in addition to basic science grants, we hope to find great opportunities to support clinical research initiatives.  We’ll be able to invest in cutting-edge ways to provide more education to more of our members, through technology and new ideas.  And, we’ll be launching a program to help more doctors have the chance to get out into underserved communities to serve in week-long service initiatives.

Over the next four years, our campaign will add an additional $5 million in assets to the Foundation.  Please consider your leadership donation today.  Each of us can make all of our futures even brighter.

Ways to Donate:

Unrestricted gifts provide the most flexibility to the Foundation Board, but many members have expressed a desire to support a specific aspect of the Foundation’s strategy.  In response to that, we’ve made it easier for you to support the Foundation activities most important to you. 
We’ve set up three designated areas: 

  1. Unrestricted Research* – clinical and basic science, the core mission of the Foundation
  2. Technology-based Education* – online educational programs and digitally-based curriculum
  3. Touching Hands Project* – Outreach program nationally and internationally, serving areas in need

* These funds support grants and operational items in these areas as administered by the AFSH Board of Trustees.

If you’d like to designate your gift to any of these three new funds, or if you’d like to give to an existing fund, you can start right now.