Building the Foundation:  Our Future in Hand 

The art and science of hand surgery belongs to a few gifted physicians, but the need for them is broad and deep. The 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign will raise funds to launch a new outreach program - The Touching Hands Project.

This program will support hand surgeons in one-to-two week fellowship assignments in underserved communities.

Be a part of it today.


The American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand (AFSH) is dedicated to funding research and education programs for the betterment of patients around the world.  Foundation funding of outreach programs brings the best hand care to underserved areas of the world including AFSH/HVO Young Surgeon Overseas and Hand Surgery Overseas. 

Equipment Donation

The Foundation works with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) to facilitate the donation of loupes and other surgical equipment to underserved areas of the world. 

To arrange a donation, call HVO (202) 296-0928.

Equipment donations are considered “in kind” donations and are deductible only up to the amount that has not already been depreciated through a practice or university.  It is the responsibility of the donor to estimate value.

Following the donation, the equipment will be sent to an HVO site in an underserved area of the world.  For a list of sites, visit the HVO website.


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