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 Touching Hands Project

Through the work of the Touching Hands Project, a new clinical outreach program, the Foundation will provide hand surgeons a way to serve in short term "missions" to underserved communities.

This new initiative will enable more members  to give back to the community and deliver very positive return to both the Foundation and the Society.

The Touching Hands Project allows essentially all ASSH members to participate by using their expertise to do greater good. This project is an ideal way to encourage inclusiveness and broader participation from our organization.

Giving to Outreach and the Touching Hands Project gives each ASSH member another option for their donations and philanthropic efforts.   All donations will count toward giving circles and other benefits of the AFSH 25th Anniversary campaign.

Fundraising to support the mission of Touching Hands Project will allow ASSH members who may have different interests from the past goal-driven Foundation efforts to become energized  and involved in new ways; members can give to the ASSH/AFSH at the perfect time, as we embark on the 25th Anniversary campaign.

Get involved today. 


Download the brochure to share.​

Are you an industry member looking for ways to support this project and other AFSH initiatives? Download the b​rochure​ for more information.