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 ASSH Founding Members

The inital meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, held at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago in January 1946 was attended by 26 of the 35 designated founders. A portion of that group is pictured above.

Left to right: Darrel T. Shaw, Joseph H. Boyes, Lot D. Howard, S. Benjamin Fowler, Sterling Bunnell, Arthur Barsky, Donald D. Slocum, Walter C. Graham, J. William Littler, William Metcalf, Richard H. Mellen, Gilbert Hyroop, Donald R. Pratt, William F. Frackelton, Robert L. Payne, Jr.

Not pictured: Harvey S. Allen, Hugh Auchincloss, Julian M. Brunner, Condict W. Cutler, Homer D. Dudley, Alfred W. Farmer, Gerald Gill, Edward Hamlin, Deryl Hart, Sumner L. Koch, William M. Krigsten, Clarence A. Luckey, Henry C. Marble, Michael L. Mason, Joseph I. McDonald, James T. Mills, George S. Phalen, William H. Requarth, Thomas W. Stevenson, George V. Webster