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 Weekly Member Update - November 8, 2013

Online Consultation Corner Webinar: Distal Radius Malunion (Free Member-Only Resource)
Jay Pomerance, MD
Co-Presenter, "Understanding Causation and Return to Work Issues in Workers' Compensation"
Patients have been injured at work since the relationship between employer and employee began.  At the beginning of the industrial revolution, there were few laws to protect injured workers, and many who were injured had their lives and earning potential negatively affected without any recourse.  Workers’ compensation laws were first enacted in Germany in order to protect workers who were injured on the job. Over the last hundred years, there have been many laws enacted in order to refine the rights of injured workers, and many companies have also joined to make work a safer place.
Despite positive reforms, people are still injured at work.  While single event trauma was thought to be the only way a worker could get hurt on the job, the idea of “cumulative trauma” has now been accepted as compensable for some workers.  The various stakeholders in the workers’ compensation process have also increased over time with the advent of insurance risk mitigation and legal recourse.  This makes the process of treating an injured worker not entirely clear.  It is the purpose of the upcoming ASSH Workers’ Compensation Webinar to provide clarity for the hand surgeon in determining how one can reasonably determine what does or does not contribute to a particular patient’s diagnosis.  Additionally, if a diagnosis is determined to be compensable, how can the physician safely navigate the waters to bring about a successful outcome to the patient so he/she can return to their former level of activity and employment?
The combined experiences of co-presenter Mark Melhorn, MD and I will give webinar attendees practice management tools that have been successful in patient management for decades.  This webinar will also touch on how to manage expectations of the other various stakeholders including case managers, adjustors, and legal staff from both sides.  At the end of the webinar, we expect that participants will be able to implements various strategies in their own practices to more efficiently manage injured workers.
The Understanding Causation and Return to Work Issues in Workers' Compensation Webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 20 at 5 PM Pacific > 6 PM Mountain > 7 PM Central > 8 PM Eastern.  View the webinar webpage to register and for additional information.
On a scale of 1-5, how aware are you of the extent of the Sunshine Act and its impact on your practice?
To submit your response, click here.

One Question Results - ICD-10

Last week, we asked members about their access to resources concerning the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.  Click here to view results.
Congratulations to Julie Katarincic, MD and Eric Tolo, MD on their recent elections to the 2014 ASSH Nominating Committee, based on your votes!  This will be the second year of a seven-person Nominating Committee.  The committee make-up is now complete:
  • Past President Edward Akelman, MD, Chair
  • Mark Cohen, MD, appointed by President Kozin
  • Peter Innis, MD, appointed by President Kozin
  • Lana Kang, MD, appointed by Past President Akelman
  • Julie Katarincic, MD, elected by ASSH members
  • John Lubahn, MD, appointed by Past President Akelman
  • Eric Tolo, MD, elected by ASSH members
We are excited to welcome the new Nominating Committee members who will take part in deliberations throughout the year, now a more open and transparent process.  Welcome, Dr. Katarincic and Dr. Tolo!

The Daniel C. Riordan Education Fund

A message from Lawrence M. Haas, MD
Daniel C. Riordan, MD died on October 27, 2012, at the age of 95.  Dr. Riordan was an ASSH Founder and Past President.  His many accomplishments included improving the management of Leprosy, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hand Paralysis, and Congenital Hand Deformities.  He was a positive role model for generations of residents and hand fellows.  The Riordan Hand Society, with the support of the ASSH and AFSH, has established the Daniel C. Riordan Education Fund.  This ongoing fund will help support (1) resident or fellow attend the ASSH Annual Meeting and Adrian E. Flatt Residents & Fellows Conference each year by funding a $1,500 scholarship.  Contribute to this fund online or email to learn more.


It’s Back and It’s Better: 2014 ASSH Self-Assessment Exam

Registration is open for the 2014 Self-Assessment Exam, ASSH’s premiere self-study tool.  The exam questions comprehensively cover upper extremity surgical knowledge, from the basics through the very latest developments and concepts in the field.  With the open-book format and test-pausing capabilities, you will have the autonomy to absorb the material at your own pace, on your own schedule, from anywhere you have internet access.  Learn more and register.

Our online exam enables you to:

  • Take the exam up to three times to meet the minimum passing score of 50%
  • Access many images and videos for an enhanced test experience
  • Pause the test at any time and save your progress
  •  See answers and full discussion immediately after completing the test
Important Dates
April 2: Deadline for registration
April 22: Exam period opens (a link to the exam will be emailed to registrants)
June 15: Deadline for completion of exam (exam must be completed by midnight Central Time in order to be eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits)
July 25: Individual results and Discussion Book PDF shared with examinees who completed the exam on time.  Those who do not complete the exam on time will still receive the Discussion Book.


Last Chance to Submit Your Proposals for Instructional Course Lectures (ICL) and Symposia for the 69th ASSH Annual Meeting!

ICL's are 60-90 minute breakout sessions which can be didactic, case studies or panel discussions.  Symposia are typically 45-minute sessions held during a general session.  This format is ideal for discussing important issues and emerging trends in the industry.  Read the Call for Abstracts for more information.
Proposals are due November 11, 2013, so don’t delay, submit your proposal today
What Every Hand Surgeon Should Know About the Wrist: Distal Radius, Carpus and Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain
May 2 - 3, 2014
Sheraton Austin, Austin, TX
Whether the wrist is part of your everyday repertoire or it’s an untouched territory you’d like to explore, Austin, TX, May 2-3, is the place to build your expertise.  This course will present the latest research and techniques regarding disorders of the wrist.  It will cover all of the common conditions as well as conditions that are seen less frequently.  The programming created for this two day course will give you all the best tips and knowledge that you need to provide state-of-the-art care to your patients.  Apply the latest research and knowledge to your clinical practice and enjoy Austin.  Learn more and register today.

Online Consultation Corner Webinar: Distal Radius Malunion (Free Member-Only Resource)

On Wednesday, December 4 at 9:00 PM Eastern, ASSH, with program chair Scott D. Lifchez, MD, will host the next session in our Online Consultation Corner Webinar series on distal radius malunion.  Registration for this event is free to members, but space is limited.
The series creates a unique forum to consult with colleagues and mentors about your difficult distal radius malunion cases.  Real, timely cases are submitted in advance, and expert consultants will present and discuss both submitted cases and some from their own experience to maximize the benefits for all the participants.  Submit your cases and register today!
Leon S. Benson, MD
Manjit S. Dhillon, MD
Michael J. Gordon, MD
Dr. Loree K. Kalliainen, MD
Leo T. Kroonen, MD
Paul F. Nassab, MD
Steven S. Shin, MD
Andrew B. Stein, MD
Alexey Umnikov, PhD
James R. Urbaniak, MD
In 2012, AFSH received donations from 608 donors.  ASSH has over 3,200 members.  Which group are you in?  Visit now to support the Foundation that supports the future of our specialty.