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 Weekly Member Update - April 12, 2013


Volunteer Note


W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
ASSH Immediate Past-President
I am delighted to share that ASSH received 145 committee applications this year from our members, representing a two-to-three fold increase over the number of applications in previous years!  We believe the manifest enthusiasm by our members was in response to the ongoing Council effort to encourage active involvement in Hand Society activities.  The success of the ASSH has been built upon the collective effort of its volunteers, and it has been the renewed objective of the Council to maximize member engagement and optimize their experience in order to ensure the long-term vigor of our organization.
The Council has strived to better inform our members of opportunities to get involved.  For example, the Volunteer Notes in the electronic Weekly Member Update were initiated last year to allow committee chairs and division directors to describe their goals and activities.  The information on the ASSH website has been revamped to clearly delineate the nature of committee work, anticipated time commitment, peak times of activity, etc.  Upon election to the Society, new members will be provided with a manual of the ASSH structure and involvement opportunities. There will be a separate orientation for new members during the Annual Meeting.  For the first time at the 2012 Annual Meeting, there was an instructional course by Past-President Steve Glickel, MD and Council members on involvement and advancement opportunities in the Hand Society.
Getting new members oriented, of course, is only the start.  The Hand Society launched a Young Leaders program in 2004 to train and promote its future leaders. To date 133 members have completed the program. All of them have served on committees or task forces, and have held 440 distinct committee positions as of 2012. Twenty have served or are serving as committee chairs, and 3 have served on Council including our current Treasurer, Jim Chang, MD.
From our data on participation, 62% of Young Leaders did not serve on ASSH committees prior to being selected for the program.  After the program, 99% joined one or more committees, and about 88% maintained committee involvement.  Furthermore, 29% of Young Leaders have chaired one or more committees, and a remarkable 60% felt that volunteering was helpful in achieving personal and/or professional goals.  By stark contrast, only 31% of the unsuccessful applicants went on to volunteer with the Society.
To expand on the success of the Young Leaders program, the Council established a Mid-Career Leadership Program for active members for more than 8 years, with applications due this summer.  The program will offer training sessions on knowledge-based governance in medical associations.  The participants will form small groups on pre-selected subjects, and develop and present their recommendation to the Council.  The current SHUEHORN project, for instance, was a direct product of a 2011 Young Leaders workgroup, which has shaped a major initiative on President Akelman’s agenda.
By getting more members involved, and by offering opportunities for acquiring leadership skills, we hope to achieve a more engaged membership that will support and lead our organization for generations to come.  Whatever your background, affiliation, or expertise, therefore, the ASSH wants your involvement!


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Comprehensive Care of the High Level Athlete
May 3-4 * Chicago
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Scapholunate Instability Consultation Corner
Monday, April 15, 2013 * 8:30 PM EDT
Consultation Corner brings the experts on scapholunate instability together to discuss your cases in this no-nonsense webinar, free to all ASSH members, that combines the candid feedback and lively discussion of an ASSH course with the convenience of online learning. 
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Pay your 2013 Membership Dues Today!

April 15, 2013 is final deadline for payment of your 2013 ASSH membership dues.  You can pay online or contact Jeanne Bloesch, membership manager, at or 312-880-1905.
If you are a new ASSH Candidate or Affiliate Member for 2013 you cannot pay your initial dues online (If you login it will say your membership dues are paid even though they are still outstanding.), please contact Jeanne Bloesch to verify your dues are paid for 2013.
Members with unpaid 2013 dues balances after the April 15th deadline will have their names submitted to Council for determination at the May 2013 Council Meeting.
Please contact Jeanne Bloesch, membership manager, at or 312-880-1905 with any questions regarding your ASSH membership.

Are YOU In?

The 25th Anniversary of the Foundation is a chance for all of us to make a bigger impact.  Help evolve and apply our science, accelerate education and make the talents of our members accessible to people who really need it. 
We can’t do it without you.  Be a part of it today.
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Self-Assessment Practice Exam Available

Are you looking to brush up on your test-taking skills before taking the 2013 Self Assessment Exam later this month? ASSH is now offering a replica of the 2012 Self Assessment Exam as a practice test through the eLearning Portal. This version offers no CME credit, and is available for review purposes only.
Log in to the ASSH eLearning portal to enroll in the practice exam, which may be taken as many times as you wish. Included in the enrollment price is the replica exam, a downloadable PDF of the Question Book, and the Answer Book.
The 2012 Self Assessment Exam Practice Test is a great way to familiarize yourself with the format of the Self Assessment exam if you have not taken it online before, and to prepare yourself before taking it in 2013.
While visiting the ASSH eLearning Portal, check out the wide selection of webinar recordings and CME courses available.

Learn from the Past to Improve our Patient Care in the Future

JHS SelectWhich JHS scientific studies were most popular in 2010, and what did we learn from them?  Find out in JHS Select: An Expert Critique of 2010's Most Popular Articles edited by Michael R. Hausman, MD.  Also available as an ebook.

Published in 2012, this compilation revisits the 25 most accessed JHS scientific articles of 2010 and provides new commentary written by today's experts in hand and upper extremity surgery.  Our renowned commentators evaluate each study’s methodology and discuss how these studies have (or have not) changed today's general practice.  Check out the Table of Contents and place your order today!
Added Bonus: Download select author responses to the expert commentaries.

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) announced this week that Randall Culp, MD is a recipient of the eighth annual HVO Golden Apple Award.  As part of its World Health Day observances, HVO created this award to recognize the extraordinary educational contributions of volunteers to international program sites.  Each volunteer honored with this award has demonstrated a strong commitment to HVO’s educational mission by working on curriculum development, teacher training, didactic or clinical training, or the enhancement of educational resources.
Dr. Culp is an Orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in the upper extremity.  A member of HVO since 2008, he has volunteered on assignments in Peru and Honduras.  For the last few years, he has focused his efforts on the hand surgery program at Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  He has regularly traveled there with a team of fellows, assistants, medical students, and hand therapists.  This allows him and the team to see as many patients as possible and it allows the Honduran medical personnel to learn from a variety of people.  Dr. Culp takes HVO’s mission of education and training seriously and he has encouraged students, residents, and fellows in the US to participate on these trips to expand their own education and to spend time in underserved areas.
The learning and collaboration he has fostered among students and professionals across cultures earned him an honorary professorship at the Hospital Escuela, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Read more.
General orthopaedists and sub-specialists are needed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 2-4 week assignments and Kampala, Uganda for 4 week assignments to train residents, medical students, orthopaedic assistants and physicians.  Please contact their program department for more information.   


Thank You to AFSH Donors

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Curtis R. Settergren, MD
In 2012, AFSH received donations from 608 donors.  ASSH has over 3,200 members.  Which group are you in?  Visit now to support the Foundation that supports the future of our specialty.