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 Weekly Member Update - December 14, 2012


Winter Council Meeting 2012

Edward Akelman, MD
President, ASSH
This weekend, the Council and members of our Young Leaders Program are convening at ASSH’s Chicago offices for our annual
winter meeting.  Several exciting initiatives are on the agenda, including expanding our international outreach and improving educational opportunities through ASSH.  Council members will be discussing an extensive proposal from Dr. Chung, chair of the International Task Force, to expand our international reach, and we will also be considering a bold proposal to make ASSH the premiere online depository for education and information pertaining to surgery of the hand and upper extremity. 
We are also welcoming this year’s Young Leaders, who are exploring three issues that will shape the future of ASSH: expanding the member base for ASSH, the Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand, and cost-effective delivery of hand care.  I am excited to hear the presentations from our Young Leaders, and look forward to the contributions they will bring to ASSH in the years to come.
Look for more information from the winter Council meeting in the next few weeks.

JHS Has New Review Editor

Scott H. Kozin, MD
Chair, Journal Advisory Committee
The Journal Advisory Committee (JAG) was created in 2007 at the same time that JASSH was rolled into JHS to create a single journal.  The purpose of the committee is to engage in strategic planning and oversight between the publisher, the JHS editors and Council.
Before being elected as president-elect of the Council and subsequently appointed to chair the JAG, I served as the JHS Review Editor for five years.  While I enjoyed my stint as editor, it’s time for me to step down from that position so that I may devote more attention to Council, JAG and other ASSH responsibilities.  This left an opening in the Review Editor position. 
JAG put out a call for candidates for the position, and we are now pleased to announce that the Council has approved the appointment of Ghazi Rayan, MD to the position of Review Editor for JHS.  Ghazi has an incredible track record of exemplary work, and I’m excited to see what he brings to the Review Section in the coming years. 
Congratulations, Dr. Rayan!  

In Memoriam

Dr. Arthur Scott Earle, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, medical historian, author, and photographer, passed away peacefully at home in Boise, Idaho in the early morning of November 27th, 2012, surrounded by his loving family. He had fought a courageous seven-year battle with multiple myeloma.
Throughout his career, Scott remained dedicated to teaching and humanitarian work. As a professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, he was known for his inspirational teaching style. During the 1980s and 90s, he traveled on teaching and medical missions to Arizona Navajo Indian reservations, Peru, Guatemala, Greece, and Armenia. Read more.
Dr. Frank Cyrus McCue III, the much loved and respected "Doc" who took care of University of Virginia athletes for more than 40 years, passed away Sunday, July 8th. He was 82 years old.
Dr. McCue was a renowned orthopedic surgeon who specialized in reconstruction of the hand. He was also one of the founding members of an organization of physicians and athletic trainers devoted to sports medicine. Dr. McCue taught scores of young surgeons. As a friend, he was loyal and steadfast. As a supporter of the University of Virginia athletic programs, he was incredibly passionate. Read more.


Free Shipping on All ASSH Products Until 2013! 

Comp Review 2012_ET.jpg
Don’t miss out on FREE SHIPPING on all ASSH products until 2013!  Simply visit the ASSH Store and place your order.  No code needed. 

Wishing you had made it to the 2012 Comprehensive Review Course?  It’s not too late!  We have captured the complete course, including presentation slides synced with audio and a full PDF of the course syllabus all wrapped up in an easy to use USB drive.  Click here to check out the content.

PIP Fractures/Dislocations Webinar Recording Available

Did you miss the PIP Fractures/Dislocations Online Consultation Corner webinar? Log in to to access the recording now for free in the ASSH eLearning Portal.
See and hear case presentation and reviews by Dr. Steve Glickel, Dr. Phil Blazar and Dr. Ryan Calfee. Attendees of the webinar called it, “very educational,” praised the “well-organized format with simple pedagogical examples and solutions,” and said, “it was so good I wanted it to go on.”
While visiting the ASSH eLearning Portal, check out other webinar recordings and CME courses.

AMA Membership Quota Met

Great news!  ASSH has retained its seat in the AMA House of Delegates. We have exceeded the original 25% membership quota.  Thanks to each of you who took the time to join or renew your 2012 AMA membership.  Thanks also to Drs. Nagle, Lichtman, Gurman, Amadio, the ASSH Council, and everyone else who made a concerted effort to recruit new members. 
If you are interested in joining the AMA, simply click here

Hand Transplant Availability Outpaces Demand - from AAOS Headline News Now

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer profiles a trend in which the availability of hand transplant surgery appears to be outpacing the demand. Of approximately two dozen hand transplant programs worldwide, 10 are in the United States. Two of the American centers have done no transplants, while five have each had one patient. The author suggests that one factor may be the immune-suppressing medication that patients must take for the rest of their lives, and the rigorous psychosocial testing designed to weed out those who are not up to a transplant lifestyle. In addition, because hand transplants are elective and still considered experimental, they are not covered by most health insurers. Read more.

ASSH Member Discusses Future of Profession in New Book 

Drewniany Video Capture.PNG
Longtime ASSH member Jack Drewniany, MD is the author of The Death of the Physician: How Power and Money Have Destroyed Our Medical Care, a new book that explores how the role of physicians has changed in the last fifty years. Click the image at left to watch Dr. Drewniany discuss his new book in an interview with Fox News.





Giving a Great Gift: Advancing Patient Care

It is that time of the year again and maybe the same old token of appreciation just won't do.  Make your donation to the AFSH in honor of your superior staff, the outstanding surgical team, your mentor, your students, your supportive loved ones, or the person you do it all for.
gift box_web border.jpgOr, put AFSH on your wish list and encourage your family and friends to support programs supported by AFSH.
  • Donating online is easy – just click here
  • Prefer a paper trail?  Send your check to AFSH, Department 2026, PO Box 87916, Carol Stream, IL 60188
  • If you have stock to donate, complete this form and we’ll email you instructions to contact our broker at Morgan Keegan. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Jessica or Carrie in the Central Office at 312.880.1900 or

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!


Thank You to AFSH Donors

John W. Adkison, MD
Rocco A. Barbieri, MD
Gregory M. Buncke, MD
Randy M. Bussey, MD
Adrian L. Butler, MD
John T. Camp, MD
Crawford Campbell, MD
Kyle W. Coker, MD
Richard D. Curtis, MD
Thomas F. DeBartolo, MD
Gina C. Delsavio, MD
Jeanne L. DelSignore, MD
Thomas R. Dennis, MD

Eckhard Fischer, MD
Keith A. Glowacki, MD
Thomas G. Griffith, MD
Kyeong-Jin Han, MD
Jeffrey B. Husband, MD
Karen Johnston Jones, MD
Timothy R. Judkins, MD
Stephen C. Klasson, MD
Raymond J. Kobus, MD
M. Russell Leslie, MD
JoAnne Levitan, MD
Scott D. Lifchez, MD
Alexander D. Mih, MD

Jose J. Monsivais, MD
Donald L. Pruitt, MD
P. Andrew Puckett, MD
Jeffrey A. Rodgers, MD
Frances E. Sharpe, MD
Jeffery M. Smith, MD
Ron H. Stark, MD
Troy R. Stoneberg, PA-C
Robert E. Van Demark, Jr., MD
Ann E. Van Heest, MD
Craig S. Williams, MD
Raymond A. Wittstadt, MD, MPH
Harold A. Yocum, Sr., MD


In 2011, AFSH received donations from 576 donors.  ASSH has over 3,200 members.  Which group are you in?  Visit now to support the Foundation that supports the future of our specialty.



Post-Election Health Care Reform and the Road Ahead for Physicians and Patients: What’s Next for ACA Implementation?

With the re-election of President Barack Obama and continued Democratic control of the Senate, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land and its implementation has moved into high gear. Key areas of focus will be on the launch of health insurance exchanges in the states by January 1, 2014, and expanding Medicaid coverage to millions of low-income
individuals. Read more.