Weekly Member Update - December 31st, 2010

December 31st, 2010

Happy New Year from ASSH President, Daniel J. Nagle, MD

One Question - Results

Did You Know?

New in 2011 – ASSH Instant Update Membership Directory

Business of Hand Surgery Newsletter

Thank You to AFSH Donors

Call For Applications - AAOS Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC)

Happy New Year from ASSH President, Daniel J. Nagle, MD

Dear Fellow ASSH Members,

I hope you are all having a very happy holiday season.  The ASSH staff and I extend our best wishes to you all for the new year.


One Question - Results

Last week, we asked about your smartphone, to better guage the platform diversity in the Hand Society.  View the results of the poll.

Did You Know?

Did you know... that the AMA is requiring a minimum passing score for the 2011 ASSH Self-Assessment Examination?  Examinees must meet or surpass this score to receive any CME credit for taking the test.  For more information, check out the 2011 ASSH Self-Assessment webpage.

New in 2011 – ASSH Instant Update Membership Directory

This year, the Hand Society is introducing a new and convenient online membership directory.  As a member, you will be able to login to instantly update your own contact information or picture and get the latest information for your colleagues.  The directory features several helpful reporting selections.  The new functions include the ability to:

  • Download the entire up-to-date directory in PDF format.  You can save it to your computer as an easily-searchable electronic file, or print it out to have a hard copy on hand.  *Please note that PDF of the membership directory is a large file, and download times may take several minutes, and will vary according to your current internet connection.  Each time you click on that option, it will create a new, up-to-date directory. 
  • Search for a specific member or members in a specific area with options to print the results.  
  • Select the "professional view" option in the lower left-hand corner of your search results window to print a handout with professional contact information to share with patients or other professionals.  This view only shows office address, office phone and website, creating a printable contact sheet, while personal information remains confidential.

Login to the website to explore and update your information.  Keep an eye out for future tips and tools about the Membership Directory in upcoming Weekly Member Updates. 

Business of Hand Surgery Newsletter

The December issue of the Business of Hand Surgery Newsletter went out Sunday.  If you haven't read it yet, check it out on the newsletter's webpage.  It provides information about new disclosure requirements between you and your patients effective January 1, 2011.

Thank You to AFSH Donors

The Foundation would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions:

Robert Harold Ablove, MD
Julie E. Adams, MD
Stephan Ariyan, MD
Donald S. Bae, MD
Marshall L. Balk, MD
Taizoon H. Baxamusa, MD
James B. Bennett, MD
Leon S. Benson, MD
Randip R. Bindra, MD, FRCS
Robert E. Blackwell, MD
William L. Bourland, MD
Reuben A. Bueno, Jr., MD
John J. Callahan
C. Sanford Carlson, Jr., MD
Lawrence J. Chase, MD
Gaylord L. Clark, MD
Mark S. Cohen, MD
Fred G. Corley, Jr., MD
Andrew W. Cross, MD
John F. Crowe, MD
Michael L. DiDonna, MD
Thomas P. Ferlic, MD
Eckhard Fischer, MD
Gary K. Frykman, MD
Richard H. Gelberman, MD
Cauley W. Hayes, MD
David H. Hildreth, MD
Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD
Michael E. Jabaley, MD
Saul J. Kaplan, MD
Thomas R. Kiefhaber, MD
David Kirschenbaum, MD
Donald R. Laub, Jr., MD
Charles F. Leinberry, MD
Gary M. Lourie, MD
Howard M. Matsuba, MD
Stephen M. McCollam, MD
Anne J. Miller, MD
Sidney Miller
Stanley H. Nahigian, MD
Robert Pae, MD
Gary M. Pess, MD
Umesh I. Raturi, MD
Diane C. Riley, MD
Jeffrey A. Rodgers, MD
Jorge Antonio Rodriguez, Jr., MD
Roger G. Rosenstein, MD
William J. Smith, MD
Ann C. Stein, MD
Virak Tan, MD
Andrew D. Thomas, MD
Marc A. Trzeciak, DO
Jonathan Tueting, MD
Ann E. Van Heest, MD
Christina M. Ward, MD
Mark R. Wilson, MD
Bruce I. Wintman, MD
Tracy M. Wolf, MD
Scott W. Wolfe, MD
Bobby J. Wroten, MD
Stefan V. Zachary, DO, MS

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Call For Applications - AAOS Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC)

The AAOS is seeking to nominate up to 10 individuals for membership on the Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC).  The MEDCAC advises the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (the Secretary) and the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as requested by the Secretary, whether medical items and services are “reasonable and necessary” and therefore eligible for coverage under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act.

Committee Vacancy Information

  • Length of Term: 2 years
  • Appx. Start Date: 06/01/2011
  • Appx. End Date: 05/31/2013

Meeting format(s)

  1. Meetings will be held approximately 4-8 times a year over the life of the committee.

Member Responsibilities

  1. Review and evaluate medical literature, reviews technology assessments, and examines data and information on the benefits, harms, and appropriateness of medical items and services that are covered under Medicare or that may be eligible for coverage under Medicare.
  2. Assist in developing recommendations about specific issues of Medicare coverage, and/or to review and comment upon proposed or existing Medicare coverage policies, if requested.
  3. Works from an agenda provided by the Designated Federal Official (DFO) that lists specific issues, and develops technical advice to assist us in determining reasonable and necessary applications of medical services and technology when we make national coverage decisions for Medicare. 
  4. Advises CMS as part of Medicare’s ‘‘coverage with evidence development’’ activities.

General Qualifications

  1. Must have experience in one or more of the following fields: 1) Clinical medicine of all specialties; 2) Administrative medicine; 3) Public health; and/or 4) Patient advocacy.
  2. Should also have experience in other related professions such as biologic and physical sciences; health care data and information management and analysis; the economics of health care; medical ethics; epidemiology and biostatistics; and methodology of clinical trial design.

Specific qualifications for this vacancy

Nominees should have extensive experience in one or more areas: knee, hip, and other joint replacement surgery; registries; Bayesian statistics; clinical epidemiology; clinical trial methodology; rheumatology; screening and diagnostic testing analysis; biostatistics in clinical settings; geriatrics; minority health, observational research design; epidemiology; and women’s health.

Additional Information

***REQUIRED - All applicants must submit the following: 1) a letter of interest noting his/her willingness to serve as a member; specifying whether he/she is applying for a voting patient advocate position, for another voting position, or as a nonvoting industry representative; and note any conflicts of interest that would preclude the MEDCAC membership; and 2) current curriculum vitae (Note: All curricula vitae must include the following: a) Date of birth; b) Place of birth; c) Social security number; d) Title and current position; e) Professional affiliation; f) Home and business address; g) Telephone and fax numbers; h) E-mail address; and i) List of areas of expertise.

All materials should be submitted to the AAOS Medical Director, William R. Martin, III, MD at martin@aaos.org by January 17, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. (ET).