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 Weekly Member Update - May 4, 2012

Volunteer's Note

Staff Note

Your Opinion: What Are the Top Surgical Problems Industry Could Help Solve?

Hand Society History

2012 ASSH/AFSH Annual Meeting Scholarship Now Available; Deadline June 1

Listserv Hot Topic: Scaphoid Fracture Case

AMA Membership Update

Thank You to AFSH Donors

Survey: Medicare Payment Penalty Has Had Positive Effect on Reducing HAIs
Changes to Medicare Enrollment Rule Reflect Feedback From Physicians

Volunteer's Note

The Ethics and Professionalism Committee was formed in 2008 on the heels of Council adopting the Code of Ethics and Professionalism for Hand Care Professionals and the ASSH Corporate Support Policy.

The first Chair of the Committee was Ghazi Rayan, MD, who was instrumental in the development of the Code of Ethics.  Under Dr. Rayan's leadership, the Committee began contributing informative and educational pieces on ethics to the Journal of Hand Surgery and had presentations at the Residents and Fellows Conference in order to engage our youngest (candidate) members or prospective members in the discussion of professionalism and ethical conduct.

The Ethics and Professionalism Committee is not the forum within the ASSH for hearing or adjudicating accusations of misconduct or breach of ethics.  Those types of issues are referred directly to Council for consideration and action.

Today, the Committee is continuing on the path established by Dr. Rayan.  Members are in the process of preparing a piece for the Journal of Hand Surgery on the ethical implications of social media and Internet interactions with patients and colleagues.  Two other committee members are planning a talk for the Residents and Fellows Conference about ethical billing practices.  As a group, we are developing a PowerPoint presentation about ethics and professionalism that will eventually be made available to fellowship directors and any other interested members for use as an educational tool for students and trainees.

Dave Ruch, MD, the Practice Division Director, has asked our Committee to coordinate a symposium at the 2013 Annual Meeting concerning the practical and ethical aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare").  The plan will be to work with members of the ASSH who are integrally involved in the national discussion of health care policy in an effort to apprise our members of the significance of the new law to their practices and future.  The ethics of participation or non-participation in Medicare in the face of potential reduction in reimbursement will be considered.

Steven Z. Glickel, MD
Chair, Ethics and Professionalism Committee

Staff Note

Two weeks ago, we posted pictures of the evolution of our soon-to-be new home – 822 Washington.

We continue to make progress and believe that staff will move into the new Central Office during the first half of June.  Meanwhile, work will continue into August on the first floor, where the conference room and library will be housed.

We believe we will be finished with all phases of construction before the Annual Meeting in September in Chicago and will provide opportunities for members to come and visit our new home.

To get a sense of the evolution of the space, visit the ASSH YouTube channel to view a 30-second video (the video will begin as soon as the YouTube channel opens).  You can also view the video on the ASSH website (after clicking on the link, click on the play button to view the video).  

Mark C. Anderson, FASAE, CAE
ASSH Executive Vice President & CEO

Your Opinion: What Are the Top Surgical Problems Industry Could Help Solve

Later this month, the ASSH Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) will be meeting with members of the ASSH Council to discuss major challenges facing the hand and upper extremity community. 

Give us your opinion on the top surgical problems Industry could help solve by completing our brief survey.

Hand Society History

We are beginning a new feature in Weekly Member Update – titled Hand Society History – that will highlight the ASSH's storied past through archived photos.

Pictured above (year unknown) are the Hand Society's Founder and first President, Sterling Bunnell, MD, (right) and Daniel C. Riordan, MD, who served as the 15th President of the ASSH.  Bunnell's term as President was from 1946-'47, and Riordan's term was from 1960-'61    

Don't forget that the deadline to apply for the prestigious Bunnell Traveling Fellowship is June 1, 2012.  You can hear last year's winner, Charles Day, MD, speak about the honor at this year's Annual Meeting.  

2012 ASSH/AFSH Annual Meeting Scholarship Now Available; Deadline June 1

Residents, fellows and active-duty military surgeons have the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship to attend the 30th Annual Adrian E. Flatt Residents and Fellows Conference in Hand Surgery on September 5 in Chicago, as well as the 67th ASSH Annual Meeting, September 6-8 in Chicago.

This scholarship is intended to help with travel expenses and registration fees for the duration of the program.  Learn more about the scholarship and apply here.  The deadline for applications is June 1, 2012.

Listserv Hot Topic: Scaphoid Fracture Case

This week, a member sought advice from fellow listservers on a scaphoid fracture case, and his post sparked a robust discussion.

Do you have useful advice to share on this topic?  Perhaps you could gain something from the thread that you could apply to your practice.

If you have already signed up for the ASSH Physician Listserv, you can view or contribute to the discussion by visiting the archives and scrolling down to the thread titled "Scaphoid fracture."  If you don't know or remember your Listserv password, you can reset your password here.
To sign up for the Listserv, visit the Listserv page.

AMA Membership Update
AMA rules stipulate that in order to qualify for a seat in the AMA House of Delegates, 25% of our members must be AMA members.  Currently, we are 29 members shy of the 25% mark
Thank you to the ASSH member who notified us this week that he joined or rejoined the AMA since January 1, 2012:

Vincent Battista, MD

Have you joined or rejoined the AMA since January 1, 2012?  Please let us know by contacting so we can track the progress of your AMA membership.  ASSH will reconcile our membership list with the AMA to get credit for our members.
Have your voice heard: Join the AMA.

Thank You to AFSH Donors

Paul C. Bettinger, MD
Alan W. Christensen, MD
James C. Dunstan, Jr., MD
Stuart J. Elkowitz, MD
Jerone T. Landstrom, MD
John F. Lawrence, MD
Mary W. Marzke, PhD
Mark E. Pruzansky, MD
Noah M. Raizman, MD, MFA
Jeffrey A. Rodgers, MD

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Survey: Medicare Payment Penalty Has Had Positive Effect on Reducing HAIs - from AAOS

According to a survey published in the May issue of the American Journal of Infection Control, a US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) policy in which payments are refused for hospitalizations that result in complications deemed preventable is associated with a reduction in targeted healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

The authors surveyed a random sample of infection preventionists during December 2010, and found that 81 percent reported increased attention to HAIs targeted by the CMS policy, whereas 32 percent reported spending less time on non-targeted HAIs.  Read more.

Changes to Medicare Enrollment Rule Reflect Feedback From Physicians - from AMA

Physicians enrolled in Medicare through its legacy system can continue to order and refer without immediately re-enrolling through the cumbersome Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS), according to a final rule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
The final rule, issued April 27, eliminates many of the challenges posed by the interim final rule.  The AMA has been urging CMS to revise many of the proposed requirements, which would disrupt access to care for Medicare patients, interrupt legitimate payments and care coordination, and cause other administrative hassles.  Read more.