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 Weekly Member Update - June 8, 2012

Presidential Update

Staff Note

Impact the 2012 Members Business Meeting Agenda

Upcoming Webinar: Current Coding Challenges in Hand Surgery

AMA Membership Update

Good Referrals

Thank You to AFSH Donors

AMA Recommends Alternative Models to Solve Medicare Payment Problem

Presidential Update

One of my goals this year is to make ASSH more inclusive and engaging for member involvement.  This applies to participation in our leadership as well.  Indeed, both our Identity Task Force and Member Engagement Task Force made recommendations on the composition and process for the ASSH Nominating Committee, the body charged with nominating members of Council each year. 

Traditionally, the five-person Nominating Committee has been chaired by the Immediate Past President, and the Committee has included: the Immediate Past President, two members appointed by the Immediate Past President, and two members appointed by the President.
In order to make the nominating process – and the selection of ASSH leadership – more open and transparent, the Council has adopted the Task Forces' recommendations for changes to the Nominating Committee and its deliberation process.

Beginning this year, ASSH will add two more members to the Nominating Committee, initiated by open nomination at the Members Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting.  From the floor, members may nominate any member to serve on the Committee.  Nominees do not need to be present to be nominated.  Self-nominations are also welcome, but all nominations require a second from another member in attendance at the meeting. 

Nominees from the Members Business Meeting will be placed on an e-ballot that will be sent to all active members shortly after the Annual Meeting.  The two people receiving the most member votes will join the 2013 Nominating Committee, which I will chair.  This seven-member Nominating Committee will review nominations and applications for the officers and members of Council.
In addition, members of the Council and Past ASSH Presidents (other than the Immediate Past President) are not eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.  Committee members will be recused from discussion and voting on any position for which a conflict of interest may exist with a candidate.  Voting on the Nominating Committee will be conducted via confidential ballots, and its recommendation will be submitted to the Council for focused review and approval.   

I would like to thank Steve Glickel, MD, and the Identity Task Force (click here for entire Task Force list), as well as Scott Kozin, MD, and his Member Engagement Task Force (click here for entire Task Force list) for their important work, which will facilitate greater transparency and open opportunities for participation in ASSH leadership.  It's time to start thinking about whom you would like to see on our Nominating Committee!  See you in Chicago.

W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
ASSH President

Staff Note
By the time most Hand Society members read this note, the ASSH staff will be located in our new home: 822 W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL, 60607.

This is a very positive move for the Hand Society.  With this move, we accomplish all the following goals:
  • We create much-needed space to accommodate the growth of the Hand Society and the space needs we have for our programs, services, and staff.
  • We diversify our asset portfolio and create a more balanced portfolio by having a very tangible asset that will appreciate – the building.
  • We save money from our operational budget.  Compared with moving into the new AAOS building, having our own property will save us at least $175,000 annually, and when we get tenants for our available rental spaces, the net savings will exceed 220K annually.
  • We help create a unique identity for the field of hand surgery. 
  • With the ability to name areas of the building, we will provide the Foundation new and unique fundraising opportunities (contact Peter Weiss, MD, for details)
  • For those work groups that will have meetings at the Central Office, we are located in an up-and-coming neighborhood (the West Loop) with lots of great restaurants and artistic offerings.

There will, of course, be a shakedown period.  Construction will continue on the Chase Library and Conference Room until mid-August, and the space the staff occupies on the second floor of the building won’t be complete until the end of June.

Here are two pictures to give you a sense of our new digs.  Please know that our goal is to have an environment that is along the lines of a "Google for nonprofits."  No staff member has an office, and that includes me as Executive Vice President.

Mark C. Anderson, FASAE, CAE
Executive Vice President & CEO

Impact the 2012 Members Business Meeting Agenda

Thanks to past President Robert M. Szabo, MD, and input from membership, the 2010 and 2011 Members Business Meeting were the best-attended in years.
We look to build on this momentum at the 2012 Members Business Meeting, which will be held on Thursday, September 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., as part of the ASSH Annual Meeting.  
As a membership-based organization, the success of the Hand Society mission requires that we understand what issues are important to our members, and again this year, we're making that a priority.
We invite you to complete the Topic Suggestion and Open-Ended Response Form to offer your ideas for this year's agenda.  We will identify the most popular areas for discussion, and later, we will ask everyone to choose the most interesting topics.  This open format gives you an opportunity to share your ideas and interact with your colleagues about issues that are important to you and your career.

Attend this year's meeting to be part of our roundtable meeting and join the discussion.  Time permitting, there will be a Q&A.

Upcoming Webinar: Current Coding Challenges in Hand Surgery

Don't let anything stand in the way of your practice's success.  Register today for this valuable webinar to learn accurate reporting on open, endoscopic and unlisted CPT codes as well as proper use of modifiers.

Speaker Mary LeGrand of KarenZupko & Associates will differentiate usage by payor and discuss incorporating the ASSH and/or AAOS Global Services Guide.  Learn more.

AMA Membership Update
AMA rules stipulate that in order to qualify for a seat in the AMA House of Delegates, 25% of our members must be AMA members.  Currently, we are 19 members shy of the 25% mark.  
Thank you to the ASSH members who notified us this week that they joined or rejoined the AMA since January 1, 2012: 
Kermit S. Muhammad, MD
James Tseng-Chin Lin, MD
Have you joined or rejoined the AMA since January 1, 2012?  Please let us know by contacting so we can track the progress of your AMA membership.  ASSH will reconcile our membership list with the AMA to get credit for our members.
Have your voice heard: Join the AMA.

Have you read or seen something on the Web that you think your fellow members would be interested in or could benefit from?

Send links to articles, studies, photos, blogs – anything you'd like to share with membership – to, and we'll make sure the best get shared in this space.

Rannie  AlSamkari, MD
Jan C. Bax, MD
Thomas G. Bergfield, MD
James H. Calandruccio, MD
John T. Camp, MD
Crawford Campbell, MD
John T. Chance, MD
Michael J. Cohen, MD
Kyle W. Coker, MD
Jeanne L. DelSignore, MD
Jeffrey  A. Deren, MD
Robert  S. Derkash, MD
Sanjay   S. Desai, MD
David     L. Evans, MD
J. Mark Evans, MD
William A. Facibene, MD, FAAOS
Paul Feldon, MD
Michael S. Fitzsimmon,  MD
Teri S. Formanek, MD
Guy D. Foulkes, MD
Eric S. Gaenslen, MD
Carlos O. Gargollo, MD
Robert  I. Gelb, MD
Colleen E. Glisson, MD
William F. Gowski, MD
John M. Hood, MD
Richard F. Howard, DO
Richard M. Howell, MD
Jerry I. Huang, MD
Steven  B. Huish, MD
Jonathan E. Isaacs, MD
Karl M.  Larsen, MD
Donald  R. Laub, Jr., MD, FACS
Mark S. Leslie, MD
Neville  A. Lewis, MD
John G. Lunt, MD
Alexander Lundell Majors, MD
Robert  J. Maurer, MD
Patrick  T. McCulloch, MD
Michael A. Milek, MD
Lonnie  J. Moskow, MD
Brian A. Murphy, MD
James F. Nappi, MD
Raymond C. Noellert, MD
Michael S. Norris, MD
Jose A. Ortiz, Jr., MD
Mukund R. Patel, MD
Steven  L. Peterson, MD
Miguel  A. Pirela-Cruz, MD
Greg G. Pitts, MS, OTR/L, CHT
John T. Rich, MD
Ralph W. Richter, Jr., MD
Diane C. Riley, MD
Nicholas E. Rose, MD
Brian S. Smith, MD
Paul L. Sternenberg, MD
Craig R. Stirrat, MD
Cary Tanner, MD
David A. Thompson, MD
Stephen C. Umansky, MD
Angela  A.Wang, MD
Lawrence E. Weiss, MD
Joan F. Wright,  MD
Curtis S. Young, MD, MS, FACS
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AMA Recommends Alternative Models to Solve Medicare Payment Problem - from AMA
Various different payment approaches could serve as viable alternatives to Medicare's flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula and offer a way forward for the Medicare payment system, the AMA outlined recently in a letter to Congress.  Read more.