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 One Question: January 18, 2008

This week's One Question asked the following two questions:

1. If you knew that having a “greener” meeting would not result in increased fees, please indicate your willingness to adopt the following changes to help our meeting be less negatively impactful to the environment. An average annual meeting uses approximately 3500 bottles of water, which are generally adding to our landfill problem in addition to using resources to create those bottles. How willing would you be to receive a reusable water bottle in your meeting bag (think something similar to a water bottle on a bike), and then refill that bottle with filtered water from large water jugs placed around the convention center?

2. At our annual meeting, we use custom designed signs for all meeting rooms that tie into the meeting theme and design. In addition to being expensive, these foam-core signs are very environmentally unfriendly. How willing would you to have more generic signs on poster stock (with ASSH logo) that provided the meeting room information, which would save money and reduce landfill impact (as the signs could be used for 5 years)?

Survey Results for 1/18/08 One Question