One Question August 27th, 2010

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1. I'm old fashioned. I read my print journals; JHS and JBJS and beautiful hardcover biographies and historical analysis. No fiction. Truth is stranger than that.

2. I use the library for my non-medical books. I stay up to date with journals and online materials, rather than textbooks.

3. The. iBook reader is changing my habits. It allows for easy highighting, embedded dictionary and quick review of highlights. It is the best eroding experience one can only hope our journal and texts will adopt it.

4. for medical information, I use journals, not texts.

5. Still find it easier to focus an d learn from a book than a screen

6. Lectures without photos are more easily listened to in my car via iPhone/iPod. Otherwise, hard copy is easier and faster to peruse.

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8. non medical texts in the first question is a poor choice of words. i presume you mean non medical books. non medical texts would be for an accounting course as an example.

9. listen to fiction books on my iTouch - downloaded free from our local library.

10. All medical books should be digital (at least from this point on) and hardback (if people want them). Same is true for non-medical text.

11. I will be getting an iPad when they have a camera and this may change my reading habits. I also prefer texts with on-line text so I can access then from anywhere.

12. The Kindle concept for electronic texts is very attractive, but the cost needs to come way down (for all textbooks).

13. Usually read library books or gifted books.

14. I have some books on two formats, such as Green, and value both the electronic format that I can access from anywhere there is a computer and can download images, and also the book format which is not as good to search, but much better to browse and actually read.