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 One Question - March 6, 2009

1. Which programs (not yet in existence) would you take advantage of in the future?

69.2% - CME through JHS(coming summer 2009) (108 respondants)
42.9% - Podcasts of Annual Meeting symposia (67 respondants)
42.9% - Podcasts of Annual Meeting 1/2 day courses (67 respondants)
42.9% - Webinars (for CME) (67 respondants)
63.5% - Downloadable lecture slides (99 respondants)
23.7% - Mentorship program (37 respondants)
61.5% - Image library (96 respondants)


  • what is a webinar?
  • Webinars are the way of the future
  • These all sound GREAT!!!
  • I have been studying for my boards and came across a program for the itouch ,iphone and blackberry called gflash. It is a simple program that turns questions into flash cards that are usable on the above items. It is a great way to review topics in an interactive way and would be a wonderful study tool with JHS to drive home the critical points on review articles. Another way to do CME. a second idea is to have a virtual journal club through google or conference call type of situation. This would help those of us who can not get a group together to review the journal to have a group to discuss the journals in real time. a blog format might work as well. Perhaps it could be tagged into an existing journal club . Finally, a brief podcast of one or two of the journal s key articles each month would be interesting as well.
  • LOVE the downloadable slides or images. GREAT idea!