European Union of Medical Specialists Introduces the White Book

​The White Book on Hand Surgery in Europe

 A message from Past Secretary General of FESSH Massimo Ceruso, MD

The White Book on Hand Surgery is the European identity card of Hand Surgery, endorsed in Prague, on 2010, October the 9th, by UEMS*, which is a European body that regulates medical specialties.  The WB defines the physiognomy of a hand surgeon and the features and tools of his formation in the European community. It is the product of the final harmonization of shared interests in Hand Surgery, whether coming from Orthopaedics, Plastic or General Surgery.

The WB is signed by the European Board of Hand Surgery (EBHS), formed by the UEMS Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) and the European Federation of the Societies of Surgery of the Hand (FESSH), initiated in 2010 and endorsed by the UEMS Council in Prague on the same date.

The EBHS represents the recognition of a specific competence; its objective and ongoing work is to harmonize European standards, as outlined in the WB. Some sections of the WB are, for that matter, a work in progress and the EBHS will take care of updating them as necessary. The EBHS organizes yearly the European examination, which is the tool for the acquisition of European stance.

Massimo Ceruso, MD
Past Secretary General of FESSH
* UEMS: Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (European Union of Medical Specialists)

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