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*Applications for the 2014 Young Leaders Program will be available in June.
The American Society for Surgery of the Hand is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated young members interested in increasing their involvement in the Hand Society. The 2012 Young Leaders Program  is a leadership development program for young members who are committed to the Hand Society’s tradition of excellence and interested in shaping its future.
Members selected for this program will attend a training session on medical society governance and will participate in the winter Council meeting. The program requires a commitment to participate in future ASSH governance activities by lending your support to a committee or task force at the close of the meeting.  Once the Young Leaders are chosen, they will participate in an active ongoing discussion to identify and research key issues in the profession. Their research will be used to give a presentation and make recommendations to Council in January.
To be considered for participation, you must be an ASSH Candidate Member (dues paying and post-fellowship) or Active Member of less than eight years.
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The 2012 Young Leaders Class 

Joshua Abzug, MD
Morad Askari, MD
Robert Carrigan, MD
Douglas Chin, MD
Brandon Earp, MD
Christopher Forthman, MD
Ryan Katz, MD
Leo Kroonen, MD
Chris Lincoski, MD
Kevin Malone, MD
Suhail Mithani, MD
Anthony Mollano, MD
David Ruchelsman, MD
Milan Sen, MD
Alexander Spiess, MD
Nicole Strauss, MD


In 2007, the fourth year of the ASSH Young Leader Program was a great success.  Chaired by David Lichtman, MD, sixteen young members were chosen to participate in the Young Leaders program on December 6-8 in Rosemont, IL.  The Young Leaders covered issues including advocacy, public education and awareness, and CME in the cyber-age.  The participants shared the following comments:

"It was such a unique and motivating experience. the Council's willingness to engage the Young Leaders was appreciated and provided an insight into the role and the enthusiasm of the ASSH leadership."

"The program was a great opportunity to interact with our mentors within the ASSH in a non-medical setting."

"I believe that the Society should be a strong resource for its membership and that the Society should continue to be dynamic / fluid  in its response to the ever-changing needs of its membership - this intimate experience validated these beliefs."


The third Young Member Leadership Program was offered to 15 selected applicants November 30-December 2, 2006 in Rosemont.  The program began on Thursday evening with an introduction to the ASSH over dinner with Program chair Terry R. Light, MD, unlike in previous years.  The program participants shared the following comments:

"With a better understanding of the process of governance, I was pleased to see how much and to what detail problems were discussed.  I sincerely felt that the council continued to have the best interest of the Society and its members at heart."

"I was able to gain a better understanding of the structure of the society and the inner workings.  The program helped to enhance the (already favorable) image of the ASSH."

"I developed a better understanding of how the Society functions.  It really demystified the process of decision making and governance of the ASSH."

"The society is very inviting to its young members.  I also have a better understanding of the governance and committee structure."


The second Young Leaders Program was offered to 14 selected applicants in conjunction with the ASSH Council meeting on December 2-3, 2005 at the Society's Central Office in Rosemont, Ill.  

On Friday, participants attended a hands-on workshop on leadership with practical applications.  They worked on an issue of strategic importance to the ASSH Council and presented their findings and recommendations to the Council on Saturday.

Saturday included meaningful participation in the December Council meeting, working on actual current strategic issues of the Society.  Participants worked with the ASSH leadership and learned how the Society develops its programs and initiatives. This was a unique opportunity to see the governance process in action, and to help shape the future direction of the Society.  In addition, there was an early Saturday morning workshop on the inner workings of the Hand Society—how decisions are made, how resources are allocated, and how one can get involved.

Participants had the opportunity to interact with the ASSH staff and Council members both professionally and socially. The program required a commitment by the selected individuals to participate in the ASSH governance structure by serving on a committee or task force of interest.

Participants in the 2005 Program had the following remarks after their participation in the program:

"This meeting gave me an insight into the amount of time and effort invested by the leadership and their genuine dedication to make it a society responsive to needs of all its members."

"I always wanted to participate in supporting the society and now that I have my eyes opened to the society's structure, I will try to be more active in seeking out the tasks at hand."

"I am excited to get my feet wet. I want to continue to serve on committees and I've just sent Dr. Gelberman a letter requesting some different ones."



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