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The HandWiki Project is an ASSH effort to educate the public regarding upper extremity care and the field of hand surgery. ASSH members are in a unique position to provide accurate, informative information on many topics related to the hand and upper extremity.

By contributing content on upper extremity topics to Wikipedia, members can play a role in developing a comprehensive, useful reference for the public.

About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia created by and for the public, with over 2.8 million articles on various topics. High levels of use attest to the consistently high quality of the information, despite tens of thousands of contributors and an open editing process.

The aim of Wikipedia is to produce a neutral, verifiable encyclopedia free from original research, and the aims of an individual editor.  All Wikipedia articles and other encyclopedic content must be written from a neutral point of view, representing fairly, and as far as possible without bias, all significant views that have been published by reliable sources.

Getting Started

Contributing to Wikipedia is relatively straightforward. For Web neophytes, it is an excellent, forgiving introduction to the language and “feel” of creating Web content. Experienced users and programmers can help with more sophisticated content.

The nature of a wiki is that it is a living document – context and background of an encyclopedia but the volatility and liveliness of a listserv. You don’t need to sit down and set aside time as you do with a book chapter. The topic can be started and expanded as time permits.

Members are encouraged to become familiar with Wikipedia editing processes and guidelines. Then make small submissions to Wikipedia over time. It's best to start with a topic that interests you most, and to determine what already exists on Wikipedia. Then determine if there is vital information that is missing, and add it with appropriate citations. Take pride in knowing that you have passed along some of what you have learned to the general public.

If you contribute anything to Wikipedia, please email to let us know about your experience.


 How to Edit Wikipedia


 Editing Tips


1. Outside links are generally not permitted in Wikipedia to prevent commercial and promotional misuse. Internal links within Wikipedia ARE permissible, and you are urged to be sure the topic to which you contribute is linked to the Wikipedia page on the ASSH, if appropriate. You can also cite pages from the ASSH website as sources, to support your edits. This is the only legitimate way to direct traffic to the ASSH site.

2. Use of Wikipedia is unlike writing a paper or a chapter. Editorial privilege (the ability to add to or change content) accrue to the user with successful use of Wikipedia. Thus, initially, a new user would be unable to upload large blocks of text or graphics. With successful use, your privileges will increase so that the content you may contribute becomes more elaborate and substantial. Thus, small, incremental contributions, much like the helpful information proffered in the Listserv, is preferable, at least in the beginning and is not overly taxing or time-consuming to produce. You don’t have to “finish the chapter” to contribute and the hope is that using Wikipedia will become a frequent habit, if not a daily ritual.

3. Wikipedia is an excellent way to leverage your contributions to the Listserv and could dovetail nicely with contributions to the Listserv for the benefit of the public, the profession and the ASSH. Consider, therefore, adding your Listserv content, in the appropriate format, to Wikipedia. Just remember that all content must be referenced and based on fact, not your medical opinion.