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Testimonials and Helpful Information from Hand Surgeons Who've Lent a Hand

“The assistance from your team in the anatomy labs went extremely well. The students greatly appreciated how they enthusiastically described the clinical relevance of the upper extremity dissections. Thanks again for setting this up for us.”
Virak Tan, MD, received this response from the anatomy director at New Jersey Medical School

“The freshman students were unbelievably receptive to the contributions of our hand surgeons. Several of the hand surgeons mentioned how much fun it was to interact with the freshman students. This is absolutely a great idea and I feel will certainly help the medical students become aware of the field of hand surgery.”
Edward B. Lipp, MD

"Anatomy is the cornerstone of hand surgery, so teaching anatomy is a natural extension of our work, and it has been one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of my professional career." (More tips from Dr. Gordon on how to make this project work.)
Leonard Gordon, MD

"For the last two years I have been one of two course directors for the Musculoskeletal Course for the Freshman medical students in their second semester. The feedback we get is great, and I plan to continue with this course for as long as they will let me."
Karl Bilderback, MD

"I have actively been involved in Medical Student education for the last several years. In addition to teaching upper extremity anatomy and anatomy clinical correlation to freshman medical students, I am also actively involved with teaching physical diagnosis to the second year students. During these lectures, I try to demonstrate how much fun hand surgery is and can be. This can be very rewarding. At a recent ASSH Annual Meeting, a young man walked up to me and introduced himself. He told me he had been a freshman medical student in one of my classes. He said that because of that class he had decided to go into hand surgery and was now an assistant professor at a major university. Things like that really make it all worthwhile."
Frederick N. Meyer, MD