Sterling Bunnell Traveling Fellowship in Hand Surgery

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The purpose of the Bunnell Fellowship is to sponsor a young Hand Surgeon in the development of national and international relationships which contribute to his/her pursuit of higher learning, and which foster the principles of scholarship of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Funding for the Fellowship is provided by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand.
The Bunnell Committee encourages applicants to develop a fellowship theme or focus that clearly delineates a clinical area of specific interest, a scientific investigation, or an educational endeavor that the applicant would like to explore during the Fellowship. The Bunnell Fellowship travels should be designed to visit those individuals in national or international centers who would best fulfill the applicant’s Fellowship theme. The Bunnell Fellow will be expected to present a detailed account of the experiences and the findings of the Fellowship in the context of his/her Fellowship theme at the Annual Meeting of the ASSH. It is expected that the Bunnell Fellow submit a written report at the conclusion of the trip, summarizing his/her scholarship for publication in a scientific journal such as the Journal of Hand Surgery.
A committee of former Bunnell fellows selects the new fellow based on the applicant's scholarship, ASSH contributions, and the strength of the proposed collaborative project. The new Bunnell fellow is notified shortly before the Annual meeting.



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