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Volunteer Note
July 10, 2015

The Public Education Committee and ASSH staff have been working to increase public access to information that was written, filmed and even animated by ASSH members.

Volunteer Note
July 01, 2015

Recognizing the importance of cultivating brilliant new minds, scientists, surgeons and teachers will be paramount in the Hand Society to continue its legacy of excellence. 

Volunteer Note
June 26, 2015

In recent years, Council has fostered a welcoming atmosphere of collegiality and respect for differing viewpoints, in addition to embracing transparency.

Volunteer Note
June 19, 2015

The AFSH and Research Division strive to spur innovation in hand surgery to provide pilot funding that can lead to larger federal grant applications for an ambitious return on investment.

Volunteer Note
June 12, 2015

I hope to educate and keep the membership informed on matters that are critical to their practices and try to support and develop the best practice paradigm in today’s complex health care environment.

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