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About THP


Creating opportunities for hand specialists to give back their knowledge and expertise to the global community.

Through the work of the Touching Hands Project (THP), hand surgeons will have a way to serve in short term missions to under served communities.

This initiative will enable more members to give back to the community and deliver very positive return to both the Foundation and the Society.

Please Note: The inclusion of orthopaedic residents is currently not part of THP’s surgical missions.  

Giving to Outreach and the Touching Hands Project gives each ASSH member another option for their donations and philanthropic efforts. All donations will count toward giving circles and other AFSH benefits.  

Volunteer Service Kit

The flash drive contains edited PowerPoint slides on general hand surgery and hand care in English, and also the Spanish translation of the ASSH's Crucial Elements in Hand Surgery DVD. See the ASSH Bookstore for a product description of Crucial Elements in Hand Surgery.  Additionally, a limited number of new copies of the 1990 reprinted The Hand: Examination and Diagnosis (The Blue Book) are available.

Who's eligible to receive the Kit?

Both the flash drive and the Blue Book are available free to surgeons when the following two criteria are met:

  1. The surgeon reviews and agrees to the license agreements. Any violation of the agreements can result in revocation of the licenses to use the content.  You will also receive a paper copy of these agreements with your CDs.
  2. The surgeon produces written confirmation of his/her upcoming overseas volunteer trip for hand surgery services.  A date must be provided.  An email from the volunteer organization with a specified date is acceptable.

I am eligible for the Kit and have read through the license agreements. How do I order?

Please contact Michael Vega at the ASSH Central Office via email ( or phone (312) 880-1900. Indicate which items you want for your trip.  You will be asked to provide written confirmation of your upcoming trip (i.e., from the organization such as Health Volunteers Overseas or Resurge International, or from the site itself).  Note: These CDs or books are not available for purchase through the ASSH Bookstore.

What you need to know to become a THP Volunteer

Who volunteers?

Teams include volunteer hand surgeons, anesthesiologists, operating room and recovery room nurses and hand therapists.  We currently do not take volunteers who do not fit within these specialties.

What if I’m a resident or in medical school?

There are limited opportunities for a medical resident to participate in a medical mission.  Please contact Angie Legaspi at for details.

What is the cost?

Unlike many organizations, our participants pay only a flat fee of $250 toward travel expenses; THP covers all remaining transportation and accommodation costs, although team members are responsible for some of their own meals during the trip.  Additional voluntary contributions to help defray trip expenses are certainly welcomed.

How big are the teams?

Teams can be from 4 to 10 members; we keep the teams small so as not to overwhelm our hosts and the local medical facilities. 

How long are the trips?

Our medical mission trips are usually one week long.. At this time, we do not offer long-term volunteer placements.

Where can I volunteer?

Where you can volunteer depends on our trip schedule for that year. Please note, the list of countries, locations and dates vary yearly.  To see our current trip schedule, or to request a trip, click here.

How can I apply?

To apply to become a credentialed volunteer, please complete the online application form and submit the required documentation.  In some cases, depending on the host countries, additional information may be requested.

Upcoming Missions:

Touching Hands in Cambodia 
August 15-20, 2016

Touching Hands in Trinidad and Tobago
September 11-17, 2016

Touching Hands in Haiti
October 23-29, 2016

Touching Hands in Guatemala
November 1-12, 2016

Duration: 33:33
Other Volunteer Resources

Book & Equipment Donations

If you are interested in donating books or equipment, we recommend contacting these organizations for details

Direct Relief International coordinates equipment donations from institutions and manufacturers for use overseas.

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