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Rights and Responsibilities of Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members must agree to the following rights and responsibilities as detailed in the application in order to maintain their Affiliate Member status.

  1. I understand that that if accepted for ASSH Affiliate membership I may reference “ASSH Affiliate” membership status in published biographical materials.
      1. I acknowledge that I may not advertise or represent myself as a “Member of the ASSH”, but may represent myself as an “Affiliate Member of the ASSH.”
      2. I may not use the ASSH logo on stationery or as advertising (see logo and name usage policy).
  2. I acknowledge that if I am a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) I am required to maintain an active membership in the ASHT.  Verification of active ASHT membership will be required for renewal of ASSH Affiliate membership.
  3. I acknowledge that my ASSH Affiliate membership may be terminated if I become ineligible for ASSH Affiliate membership as defined in the ASSH Bylaws.
The Code of Ethics and Professionalism for Hand Care Professionals has been adopted by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) and sets forth aspirational standards of conduct that define the essentials of honorable behavior for the Hand Care Professional.
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