In Memoriam

Members of the Hand Society are an elite corp of highly-skilled individuals who leverage their abilities to help others.  This page honors members who have passed away recently.  If you have information you would like to share with the Society regarding a former colleague’s accomplishments, his or her family, even hobbies that will help us honor the member, please share it with us at and we will provide a link to the information on the list.

We invite all of you as fellow members in this select group to take a moment and recognize the contributions to the Society, the field of hand surgery as well as commitment to family and friendships these previous members have made.

 Kenya Tsuge  Joined 1973  Honorary Member
 Alfred B. Swanson  Joined 1963  Past President
 John H. Smith, Jr  Joined 1974  Lifetime Member
 Donald A. Vichick  Joined 1980  Lifetime Member
 John S. Gould
 Joined 1979  Lifetime Member
 Tyrone D. Artz  Joined 1978  Lifetime Member
 Toshihiko Ogino  Joined 1995  International Member
 Raffaele Sadun  Joined 2001  International Member
 Frederick N. Meyer  Joined 1988  Senior Member
 George E. Omer, Jr.  Joined 1965  Past President
 Snezana Veljic  Joined 2011  Candidate Member
 Sarah Pettrone  Joined 2013  Active Member
 Samuel F. Gill  Joined 1973  Lifetime Member
 James G. Sullivan  Joined 1971  Lifetime Member
 Victor Tseng  Joined 1988  Senior Member
 Thomas E. Federowicz  Joined 1976  Lifetime Member
 Robert J. Cowan  Joined 1962  Lifetime Member
 Louis A. Gilula  Joined 1989  Honorary Member
 Paul W. Brown  Joined 1971  Lifetime Member
 Harry L. Tucker  Joined 1982  Lifetime Member
 Jean Paul Bosse  Joined 1976  Lifetime Member

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