ASSH Nominating Committee Reviews Council Applicants

Volunteer Note

Edward Akelman, MD

Chair, Nominating Committee

As the ASSH Nominating Committee reviews this year’s many Council applicants, I want to remind our membership of the new and transparent process in selecting the nominees that is now in its second year.

You may remember W. P. Andrew Lee’s presidential theme of “Inclusion” in 2012. As part of that theme, Andy made some important changes to the Nominating Committee’s process of reviewing Council applications, including:

  1. Membership now elects two Nominating Committee members. This increased the Nominating Committee membership from five to seven. The other members of this committee are appointed by the President.
  2. Council applicant finalists now participate in an interview process. The Nominating Committee now has an opportunity to speak with the candidates for 15-20 minutes each.
  3. Confidential voting. The Nominating Committee members now submit a confidential vote to the ASSH legal counsel when choosing the final nominees.

The above process is open and transparent. With the secret ballot, our goal is that all Nominating Committee members can vote their conscience.

The Nominating Committee is working hard to fill this year’s open positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Member-at-Large <8 years, and Member-at-Large >8 years. Thank you to Committee Members Mark Cohen, MD, Peter Innis, MD, Lana Kang, MD, Julie Katarincic, MD, John Lubahn, MD, and Eric Tolo, MD, for working many hours on this year’s selection process.

I look forward to announcing this year’s Council nominees at the 2014 Members Business Meeting in Boston, September 18 at 11:30 a.m.

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