One Question - Correspondence News Content

Survey Summary

On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the least valuable and 5 being the most valuable, please rank the value of the following types of Correspondence News content:

     2      3      4      5
 Surgical Pearls and Techniques
   34.1%   14.6%   12.2%   12.2%   26.8%
 Case Reports
   26.8%   22%   26.8%   17.1%    7.3%
 Informal Scientific Studies
   14.6%   26.8%   26.8%   24.4%    7.3%
 Wisdom and Advice
   9.8%   29.3%   22.0%   24.4%   14.6%
 Member Opinions
   14.6%   7.3%   12.2%   22.0%   43.9%

What types of content would you like to see more of in Correspondence News?

 Surgical Pearls and Techniques
 Case Reports
 Informal Scientific Studies
 Wisdom and Advice
 Member Opinions
 Lifestyle Concerns (work/life balance, retirement, maternity leave, etc.)
 Responses to Specific Monthly Topics     22.5%
 Surveys on Clinical Topics     27.5%
 Links to Related Content (Hand-e, JHS, etc.)     22.5%

How often would you like to receive an issue of Correspondence News?

 Bi-weekly       17.1%
 Monthly       56.1%
 Bi-monthly       26.8%

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