New Council President Lee's First Update

Presidential Update 10/11

W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
October 17, 2011

As new Council President, I would like to thank outgoing President, Daniel J. Nagle, MD, as well as James Chang, MD, and Thomas A. Wiedrich, MD, for an outstanding Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. I’d also like to acknowledge outgoing Council members Martin I. Boyer, MD, L. Scott Levin, MD, and Robert M. Szabo, MD, MPH, for their dedicated service to the Hand Society.

AFSH to Award $100,000 Clinical Studies Grant in 2012
Frederick Fakharzadeh, MD, AFSH President, announced during the Annual Meeting Opening Ceremonies that the Foundation will award a $100,000 clinical study grant in 2012. Dr. Fakharzadeh said by funding large clinical studies, AFSH/ASSH can begin to develop evidence-based data and make sure that hand surgeons will have a voice in this process. He said increasing the clinical study grants from $20,000 to $100,000 will provide a strong basis for valid studies. We look forward to future innovation within the hand surgery specialty.

Task Force Working to Improve Image Library
Bobby Chhabra, MD, Chair of the Image Library Task Force, has put into motion a plan to make technical modifications to the site so that it is more user-friendly and also to increase the number of images to 750. Many of the new images will come from the two-volume set, Hand Surgery, which was edited by Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD, and Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD, as well as other ASSH publications. There are also plans to post a case of the month or an interesting image in the Weekly Member Update to remind members about the Image Library and help increase traffic to the website.

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Committee Established
Council approved a motion to convert the MOC Task Force into a standing committee. This group will be critical in ensuring that the Hand Society’s MOC program is current and continues to benefit membership. This group is also essential in directing the development of Performance Improvement Module/Performance Improvement Continuing Medical Education (PIM/PI CME) modules that will be submitted to the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery for part IV of the MOC process. The MOC Committee – led by John Seiler, MD – has been tasked with developing at least two PIM modules annually based on the perceived needs of the membership.

Important Initiatives for the Coming Year

Among the initiatives Council will be pursuing over the coming year, I want to highlight three important projects: acquisition of our own building, the Identity Task Force, and the Member Engagement Task Forces.

A building committee consisting of Dr. Weiss, Dr. Nagle and myself will work with our Executive Vice President, Mark Anderson, and other staff to configure, design, and oversee the plans and renovations to ensure that we’ll have a functional, well-designed office and conference center and that we make judicious use of the funds necessary to complete those renovations.

Steve Glickel, MD, Chair of the Identity Task Force (task force members and charges), is leading an effort to explore various aspects of the Hand Society’s identity. One of its several goals is to determine what the ASSH might need to do to better meet the needs of all segments of our membership. The group is also exploring the criteria for how members advance in the Hand Society. In November, members of the group will meet to finalize recommendations for Council at its December meeting.

Scott Kozin, MD, Chair of the Member Engagement Task Force (task force members and charges), is leading the effort to explore how we might provide all segments of membership with sufficient and appropriate opportunities for involvement and engagement in the work and governance of the Hand Society. In the coming months, the task force will explore other areas of engagement, including volunteer opportunities, transparency and communication at all levels.

Over the course of the next year, our goal is to deliver enhanced programs and services for ASSH members, as well as encourage ASSH participation by all “hand surgeons” with concomitant practices in shoulder/elbow, microsurgery, nerves, etc. We also want to ensure that members receive sufficient information, feedback, and guidance to continue and advance their ASSH involvement, which includes broadening membership participation. Finally, we hope to further the ASSH tradition in innovative programming, education, and member services.

We look forward to a great year!


W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
ASSH President

© 2016 American Society for Surgery of the Hand

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