Online Consultation Corner Webinars Offer Expertise and Interactivity

Volunteer Note

Scott D. Lifchez, MD

The Online Consultation Corner began in 2011 with the goal of creating a web-based model of the Clinical Consultation Corner, which has been so successful at the ASSH Annual Meeting.  Since that time, we have hosted multiple webinars each year on topics including scaphoid nonunion, recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome, Kienbock’s disease and many others.  For each webinar, ASSH members who are experts on the topic have presented in a case-based format and reviewed their pearls for diagnosis and management for these often challenging cases.  Attendees have also been able to submit cases for the panel to review.  Attendee questions are submitted online as part of the webinar and answered by the panelists.

In the past year, we have upgraded the web platform to allow a more dynamic member experience when viewing the webinar, including better interactivity for attendee questions and incorporation of presenter videos.  We also now provide CME credit for attendees.

We have an exciting presentation coming at our next webinar on distal biceps injuries, which will occur on Monday, April 27 at 9 PM Eastern time.  Scott Steinmann, MD will be the moderator, with Mark Cohen, MD, Graham King, MD, FRCSC and Bruce Leslie, MD as the panelists.  We’re looking forward to a lively and educational webinar on Monday and hope that you will join us.

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