The Debut of the Hand-e Video Theater

Volunteer Note

Randip R. Bindra, FRCS, MCh Orth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, surely a video equates to at least a million. As surgeons, we are visual learners: we learn best in clinics and operating rooms. The advent of digital technology and ease of capturing high-quality videos has made it easier to share an experience than ever before. Hand-e is the visual learning tool of ASSH in the digital era, and one of the main attractions is the extensive video library of past meetings, key presentations and surgical technique videos.

To highlight the effectiveness of Hand-e and to demonstrate the talent of our membership, we are pleased to introduce the multimedia theater as a new addition to the Annual Meeting scientific program. The exhibit features more than 40 peer-reviewed surgical videos and clinical signs that will expand your repertoire of technical skills and take you to the center of the action. Each video is intended to be comprehensive with background information, indications and contraindications, complications and technical tips as well as reported outcomes. The video theater has multiple screens so that you can select and view the video of your choice. You can interact with the authors by posting a question or comment at the desk. What's more? These videos will be hosted on Hand-e after the meeting for later review if you did not get a chance to view them at the meeting.

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