Young Leaders Program

Volunteer Note

Scott Kozin, MD

This year, ASSH received a record-breaking 44 applications for the 2014 Young Leaders Program, which was open to candidate members and active members who have been a part of the Hand Society for less than eight years. From these, the Young Leaders Committee faced the difficult task of selecting 15 highly qualified applicants. Congratulations to this year’s class:

  • Felicity Fishman, MD
  • Aaron M. Freilich, MD
  • Duretti Fufa, MD
  • Michael Kessler, MD, MPH
  • Jason Ko, MD
  • Kevin J. Little, MD
  • Kristofer S. Matullo, MD
  • Deana Mercer, MD
  • Daniel Osei, MD
  • Noah Raizman, MD, MFA
  • Peter C. Rhee, DO, MS
  • Apurva Shah, MD, MBA
  • Scott Tintle, MD
  • Lindley Wall, MD
  • Robert Wysocki, MD
This remarkable group will gather this December 4-6 in Chicago during the Council meeting, where they have a unique opportunity to learn more about the governance of ASSH. They will research topics that are important to the interests of our membership and present them to Council. Past groups of Young Leaders have introduced important and innovative ideas,such as developing the concept that would ultimately become Hand-e. I have no doubt that the 2014 Young Leaders will make their mark on the future of ASSH as well, and Council looks forward to hearing their presentations.

Special thanks to Charles Day, MD and Charles Goldfarb, MD for serving on the selection committee, and to Olivia Moran for her assistance in coordinating the application process.
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