Scapholunate eBook Came Out of Need

Volunteer Note

Alexander Y. Shin, MD
A couple of years ago, Dr. Charles Day and I were sharing our frustrations regarding the treatment of scapholunate ligament injuries.  There have been numerous articles and instructional course lectures on the topic, but to date there is no “gold standard” for treatment.  We agreed that it would be convenient to have one eBook that contained videos, pictures, and descriptions of the most current scapholunate ligament repairs and salvage procedures that we could access anywhere: in the office, at home, or while traveling.  So we joined forces with the ASSH and some of the world’s leaders in the field to create just that book

Advances in Scapholunate Ligament Treatment is an eBook that comprehensively examines the background, various surgical treatments and salvage procedures for scapholunate ligament injuries.  The first part of the book covers anatomy and biomechanics; the second part covers a number of techniques presented by the originators; and the third part deals with management of the chronic, nonarthritic, unrecognized scapholunate dissociation, the failed ligament repair or reconstruction, and the arthritic wrist.  You can view the table of contents and even some sample videos of the RASL procedure and the scapho-luno-triquetral technique on the ASSH website. 

Charles and I are grateful to all of our contributors for the time and expertise that they’ve shared with us and our readers.  Be sure to check out the eBook – the member price is only $95, and you’ll have access to some amazing material.
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