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Duration: 8:10
Nerve Transfers in Tetraplegia

By Ida K. Fox, MD By Ida Fox

Excellent discussion of nerve transfers for tetraplegic patients

Duration: 9:19
Rewiring the Upper Limb: Restoration of Upper Limb Function in Traumatic Tetraplegia.

By Katie Young, MBChB, MRCS By Katie Young

Nerve transfer surgery is a reconstructive option following peripheral nerve injury. The surgery involves transfer of a nerve branch or fascicle from a main nerve trunk that is under volitional control to a non-functioning target. This video demonstrates the technique of patient specific nerve transfer following traumatic tetraplegia. Pre, peri and post-operative footage enables the demonstration of the ability of a surgeon to use the interfascicular branching anatomy of main nerve trunks to restore upper limb function.

Duration: 14:57