The Launch of Hand Surgery Update VI

Volunteer Note

Peter M. Murray, MD and Warren C. Hammert, MD
We are pleased to introduce Hand Surgery Update VI at the Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.  In 1994, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand published the first Hand Surgery Update

under the editorship of Dr. Paul Manske as a brainchild of Dr. James Urbaniak (President, American Society for Surgery of the Hand, 1991-1992).  The stated goal of that original work was to “present a synopsis of important information, by established hand surgeons, from recently published articles.”  In developing Hand Surgery Update VI, we had 3 goals: select authors who are preeminent subject matter experts in the areas covered by each chapter; provide a true update of published literature over the last 5 years while linking it to the past with a summary of a “classic” article; and emphasize the most recent impactful information--not create an exhaustive text--thereby complementing the previously published ASSH Textbook of Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery.  It was a privilege for us to review each of these chapters.  We learned a tremendous amount and were constantly reminded of the vastness of our specialty.

The practice of hand surgery is truly a global one and we are indebted to our international colleagues for their great contributions to the field; this sentiment is reflected in the cover design of the book.  We also recognize all of our authors who donated countless hours of hard work providing outstanding and provocative chapters that we hope you will enjoy reading.  We are grateful to Dr. Marty Boyer, ASSH Education Division Director, and our ASSH staff liaison, Nicole Renn, for their steadfast support and guidance in the development of this edition.  In the years to come, we hope you will enjoy and rely on Hand Surgery Update VI.  It was an honor to serve the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, as well as our ever-changing specialty, through the publishing of this edition.  The book will be available both as an eBook and hard copy.  Come by the ASSH bookstore in Austin and get a copy as it comes off the press or order it on the ASSH website!