Volunteer Note: Annual Meeting International Attendance is Higher Than Ever

By ASSH President Ghazi Rayan, MD

I am pleased to announce that the 2017 ASSH Annual Meeting has already broken the record for international registrants, at 579 expected attendees and counting, and it may end up being our largest meeting ever. This is in no small part due to the excellent programming devised by our program chairs Chuck Goldfarb, MD and Warren Hammert, MD, and it is particularly exciting given the climate of international travel at this time.  In fact, most US associations are experiencing a decline in international attendance this year.  I believe our theme “Evolution, Exploration, Empowerment,” embodies the idea that despite the perceived differences that culture or distance may create, it is our duty as members of the scientific community to create the kind of progress that can only be accomplished by working together.  From serving on ASSH committees to presenting original research or engaging in thoughtful discourse, our Society’s diversity is what gives strength to our mission.  It gives me great joy and hope that, while our specialty may be small, our community is truly global.  If you have not done so already, consider registering on site to participate in what promises to be a meeting that is both intellectually engaging and professionally inspiring.  I look forward to seeing everyone in San Francisco next week for a record-breaking meeting!