One Question - Medical Mission Volunteerism

Survey Summary

Have you participated in a medical mission?

Yes  71.2% 
 No 28.8% 

What was the length of the medical mission?

Less than one week  4.3% 
1 week 52.2% 
2 weeks  32.6%
More than 2 weeks  10.9% 
 Other 25 missions: 7- 14 days per trip
Stayed only one week each time.
Have done 3: 2mo, 2mo and 1 week
1-2 weeks per year to Haiti for the past 24 years


What type of financial support did you receive for participating in the medical mission?

None  75% 
Airfare  4.2%
Airfare, hotel and meals  12.5%
Partial travel support  8.3%


Would you be interested in participating in a future Touching Hands Project mission if no travel support was available?

Yes   76.1%
No 23.9%