ASSH Textbook Online Updates

Volunteer Note

Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD
The new ASSH Textbook of Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery has been selling exceedingly well since it was released at the 2013 Annual Meeting surpassing all previous ASSH product sales in the short time available.  If you have not bought your print or eBook version yet, do so as we have even more exciting news.

The Council recently approved an ASSH Textbook Editorial Update Group.  Our task is to completely update the online content of the textbook over the next 12 months.  With any first time product there are always small topics missing, more figures to add, better videos to link and newer, cutting edge techniques to describe.  The online version of the ASSH Textbook is a LIVING entity and free to all purchasers of the textbook.

We will be adding lots of additional content, figures and videos to allow immediate access to all of these via the online textbook portal.  Just log-in and you will be able to find whatever you need quickly with our search box.  See the video you need or technique figure wanted right on your desktop, laptop, pad or smartphone.

This updating process will start later this month so you will constantly see new items and content over the next year.  We will provide a periodic notice of which chapters have been completed.  And even when we finish 12 months from now, we will continue adding new items going forward so you can truly experience the “instant” textbook.

Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD
Managing Editor
ASSH Textbook of Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery