Traveling Fellows Program

Volunteer Note

Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD
For more than a decade, ASSH members have participated in our Traveling Fellows Program, which opens the facilities of our members to fellows from around the globe.  Each year, up to 10 traveling fellows are chosen to make these visits and attend the ASSH Annual Meeting free of charge.  Since 2000, we have hosted fellows from 13 different countries!
This program could not be possible without the volunteerism of our ASSH members.  More than 70 of you have volunteered to host a traveling fellow in the past.  For those of you who have yet to do so, I encourage you to join our host list and help ASSH strengthen our international relationships.
These visits are rewarding for both the host and the traveling fellow.  In the two weeks before and the two weeks after Annual Meeting, the traveling fellows will stop by multiple facilities to learn and observe from the best.  ASSH members have no financial obligation.
The 2014 ASSH Traveling Fellows Program application period has already begun!  Those selected will begin sifting through our host list this Spring.  Be sure to join the list by April 25.