One Question - Follow-Up: Changing Incomes

Survey Summary

The week of February 24-28, the One Question on income change for hand surgeons revealed that 66.1% of respondents experienced a decline in income of more than 5% compared to three years ago. In response to these heavily weighted results, we have adjusted the ranges in our survey to get a more accurate picture of where our members fall in this distribution. For the purposes of this study, we are interested primarily in income derived from the practice of hand surgery, not investments or other income sources.

Compared to three years ago, my 2013 income has:​ ​

Decreased by 10% or more​  58.7%
 Decreased by 5-9%​  14.4%
 Decreased by 1-4%  1.0%
 Remained about the same as it was three years ago  12.5%
 Increased by 1-4%  5.8%
 Increased by 5-9%  3.8%
 Increased by 10% or more  3.8%