Program Advisory Group

Volunteer Note

Edward Akelman, MD
We want to offer our membership the programs that remain relevant over time.  To do so, the Program Advisory Group (PAG) reviews 1/3 of the Hand Society’s programs every year, ensuring we appropriately utilize our resources.  Now in our fifth cycle of the process, this year’s PAG members included ASSH Vice President Bill Seitz, MD, Council Member-at-Large Michelle Carlson, MD, and myself.  We reviewed 29 programs.  The AFSH PAG – Fred Fakharzadeh, MD, John Bednar, MD, and Mark Baratz, MD – reviewed an additional six programs that the Foundation primarily funds.  Since PAG’s inception in 2008, these reviews have saved the Hand Society more than $100,000 through the elimination of programs whose value or centrality to our mission had waned over time.
This year, we decided to continue the majority of our programs as is.  These are some of our most successful programs such as Weekly Member Update, Career Services, and the Corporate Advisory Council, all of which will continue to offer numerous benefits to our membership.  We plan to slightly modify 11/35 programs, which we expect will enhance your experience with these programs.  Finally, after careful consideration of data and value surveys, we made the difficult decision to eliminate the Online Journal Club (OJC). 
Next year, we review a different set of programs, and I have no doubt this process will continue to enhance our Society in many ways.