2013 Specialty Day

Volunteer Note

The ASSH/AAHS Hand and Upper Extremity Specialty Day of 2013 will be the unique hand surgery learning event of the year!  Rather than a line-up of still images and didactic power point presentations with few take-home pearls, Specialty Day ‘13 (which we are aptly naming “Master Techniques: Live!”) will be a video extravaganza overflowing with practical tips and tricks that will be readily applicable to your surgical practice.
This one-day course will address both common and complex hand, wrist, and elbow problems with an unprecedented emphasis on operative technique.  Attendees of this course will have the opportunity to join leading experts from around the country in their operating rooms as they bring their “Master Techniques” of over 40 surgical procedures to life through detailed, step-by-step video demonstrations.
Six sessions will be held during the day, encompassing the gamut of hand and elbow surgery: (1) Dupuytren’s/sympathectomy; (2) Wrist trauma; (3) Elbow; (4) Hand/digital trauma; (5) Digital/basal thumb arthritis; and (6) Wrist arthritis.
Upon completion of this unique course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify recent innovations and emerging concepts in Dupuytren’s disease, digital ischemia, wrist and elbow arthroscopy, cubital tunnel syndrome, hand and wrist arthritis, as well as trauma to the hand, wrist, and elbow.
  • Define the step-by-step principles of surgical treatment of hand, wrist, and elbow trauma to both bone and soft tissue.
  • Define the step-by-step principles of surgical treatment of hand and wrist arthritic conditions.
  • Incorporate technical operative pearls into their clinical practice which will aid in improving patient outcomes in the surgical treatment of the hand, wrist, and elbow.
Please join us in Chicago on March 23rd for “Master Techniques: Live!”
Register today through AAOS.  Deadline to pre-register is February 5, 2013.
Questions? Contact ASSH at [email protected] or 312.880.1900.