Congratulations to Recent Appointees

Governance Update

President Ed Akelman, MD, and President-elect Scott Kozin, MD, have recently appointed five individuals to the Committee Advisory Group, the Nominating Advisory Group and the Program Advisory Group, three programs which are essential to the success of ASSH.
Committee Advisory Group (CAG)
Chuck Goldfarb, MD, has joined CAG as a member-at-large for a second year in a row.  His re-appointment is in addition to the appointment of Ann Van Heest, MD, who will serve on CAG for the first time.  Dr. Van Heest joins CAG as a representative of the Diversity Committee.  Her position is one that is filled by varying committees each year.  Both new CAG members join a productive group that advises the Presidential Line and ensures ASSH’s committees are running effectively.
Nominating Advisory Group (NAG)
Lana Kang, MD, has been re-appointed and will remain a member of NAG for the second year in a row.  Dr. Kang represents the Diversity Committee, joining representatives from the Physician Reimbursement and Coding Committee, the Research Management Committee and the Young Members Steering Committee.  This group will continue to encourage members to apply for ASSH Council positions and provide recommendations regarding those applications.
Program Advisory Group (PAG)
Council members Michelle Carlson, MD, and Bill Seitz, MD, have joined PAG as first-time members.  They will join President Akelman and Past President W.P. Andrew Lee, MD in reviewing a portion of ASSH programs and ensuring those programs continue to provide benefits for ASSH members.
Congratulations to Drs. Goldfarb, Van Heest, Kang, Carlson and Seitz on their recent appointments.