Starting Work on the Public Education App

Volunteer Note

Steve K. Lee, MD and Ray Raven, MD
In this day and age where patients and the public receive more and more of their healthcare information via the internet, the members of the Publication Education committee and the ITAG (Information Technology Advisory Group) are excited to announce work on the ASSH Patient Education App. This project is in harmony with ASSH President Edward Akelman’s presidential and meeting theme of Education through Technology. The App will serve as a medium through which the society will deliver ASSH public education content, free of charge, initially accessible through the iPad. 
The main purpose of the App is to provide access to our educational brochure content, which will be displayed much like books on a bookshelf.  When a condition is selected, a color document containing the condition-specific educational brochure (text and images) will be viewable. The document will also contain live links to more information on the ASSH website, including direct access to the “find-a-hand-surgeon” feature.
ASSH members will be able to use the interactive App to show educational information to patients on an iPad during office visits. The App will support annotation and drawing directly on the screen, allowing the surgeon to use his or her finger to circle important parts of an image and write notes. After showing the patient the information, the surgeon will be able to print or email the annotated document to the patient. Other documents particular to the surgeon’s practice can also be emailed such as post-operative instructions, cast care, rehabilitation, etc.
We have officially started work on the app with our developer. Members of the Public Education committee and ITAG will beta test the App, make necessary modifications, and hopefully roll out the App in Summer 2013. Stay tuned!!