Diversity Committee

Volunteer Note

Charles S. Day, MD, MBA
The Diversity Committee's charge is to propose guidelines for ASSH patient education material, business plans, and committee actions to promote diversity awareness as it relates to patient care, patient and surgeon education, and Society functions.

In my last Volunteer note, on behalf of this committee, I shared with you some of the things that we worked on last year:  uploading a list of diversity competency resources onto the ASSH website, translating existing patient education brochures into other languages, having input into ASSH videos with respect of diversity content, and working with the leadership of the Committee Advisory Group (CAG) and the Nominating Advisory Group (NAG) to ensure that all members of our society – regardless of gender, ethnicity, type of practice (academic or private), and residency training (orthopaedics, plastics, general) – have equal opportunity to participate in the committee and governance structure in the ASSH.

Specifically for this upcoming year, with the support of the ASSH Council and the Identity Task Force, we are looking into the diversity of the ASSH membership.  Other surgical fields, including orthopaedic and general surgery, have looked into its own membership composition in order to better education and reach out to their diverse patient population.  We hope that you can help us accomplish this by updating your ASSH membership profile and answering a couple of brief questions.  Once the membership profiles have been updated, then we will focus the vibrant energy of our 15 member committee this year to put forth a report of the diversity of the ASSH membership as compared to that of orthopaedic and general surgeons.