Introducing the Touching Hands Project

Outreach from the American Society for Surgery of the Hand

AFSH is gearing up to kick off a new initiative conceived and directed by Arnold-Peter Weiss, MD, and supported by Council called the Touching Hands Project (THP).  The goal of THP, similar to Operation Smile, is to provide direct healthcare to under-served populations and individuals with special needs.
Ideally, THP will organize and fund short-term missions of hand surgery and hand therapy in the US and abroad to provide practical education of current treatment options for common problems as well as much-needed surgical treatment for local patients.

This effort essentially allows all ASSH members to roll up their sleeves and participate in doing the greater good.  Unlike many of our academically focused efforts – which frequently exclude many private practice members in a practical manner – THP is a great opportunity for our nearly 2,000 US-based hand surgeons to improve hand and upper extremity care for our most vulnerable populations.

Active fundraising, in conjunction with organizational aspects of the project, has already started, and we are going to need all the support we can get.  Look for more information coming soon.