Evidence Based Practice Committee

Volunteer Note

David C. Ring, MD and Warren C. Hammert, MD
The purpose of the Evidence Based Practice Committee is to promote the use of evidence in all aspects of upper extremity practice.

We are involved in reviewing and making recommendations to Council regarding practice guidelines – including the clinical practice guidelines – set forth by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and other organizations and will be involved with the appropriate use criteria.

We have assisted the Public Education Committee in updating the ASSH patient education brochures to ensure they are based on the best available data for each of the topics.  We have also updated the Wikipedia web pages of commonly searched hand conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, trapeziometacarpal arthritis, lateral epicondylitis and distal radius fractures.

We recently finished reviewing all accepted papers and abstracts for the upcoming Annual Meeting to make sure the levels of evidence, as reported by the authors, are supported by the Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine Levels of Evidence.

We will be presenting a symposium at the Annual Meeting titled "The Use of Evidence in Daily Practice,"  which will provide suggestions on how physicians can use current evidence to make treatment suggestions for scenarios where the best treatment may be ambiguous.

Volunteering for the Evidence Based Practice Committee is a great way to become involved.  If you have an interest in contributing to a committee and the use of evidence in clinical practice, considering joining us.