ASSH Has a New Home

Staff Note

Mark C. Anderson, FASAE, CAE
By the time most Hand Society members read this note, the ASSH staff will be located in our new home: 822 W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL, 60607.

This is a very positive move for the Hand Society.  With this move, we accomplish all the following goals:

  • We create much-needed space to accommodate the growth of the Hand Society and the space needs we have for our programs, services, and staff.
  • We diversify our asset portfolio and create a more balanced portfolio by having a very tangible asset that will appreciate – the building.
  • We save money from our operational budget.  Compared with moving into the new AAOS building, having our own property will save us at least $175,000 annually, and when we get tenants for our available rental spaces, the net savings will exceed 220K annually.
  • We help create a unique identity for the field of hand surgery. 
  • With the ability to name areas of the building, we will provide the Foundation new and unique fundraising opportunities (contact Peter Weiss, MD, for details)
  • For those work groups that will have meetings at the Central Office, we are located in an up-and-coming neighborhood (the West Loop) with lots of great restaurants and artistic offerings.
There will, of course, be a shakedown period.  Construction will continue on the Chase Library and Conference Room until mid-August, and the space the staff occupies on the second floor of the building won’t be complete until the end of June.

Here are two pictures to give you a sense of our new digs.  Please know that our goal is to have an environment that is along the lines of a "Google for nonprofits."  No staff member has an office, and that includes me as Executive Vice President.