Related Products Advertising

ASSH offers Hand-e, an online educational platform, free to our membership of more than 4,000 hand and upper extremity professionals. Hand-e is home to thousands of surgical skills videos that are watched daily by hand surgeons. 

Now, you can promote your product in a "Related Products" sidebar during these videos.

Your product will only appear in the side bar if it relates directly to the video that is playing. For example, if you are promoting nerve grafts, your product will appear during any nerve-related videos. This ensures that you are reaching your target audience.


$1,000 per product, per year

How it Works

Step 1

You fill out our quick form on which you will indicate the product you want to promote, upload your product image, select your categories, and indicate the URL where your product image should lead to.

Step 2

ASSH staff will add your product to our website.

Step 3

When surgeons watch a video with a matching category, your product will appear in a "related products" sidebar while the video is playing.

Step 4

Surgeons can then click on your product image and be directed to the URL of your choice.



Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my video show up?

Because our video library is so large, your video will appear frequently in the Related Products sidebar. For example, we have more than 190 videos tagged under Nerve Reconstruction. There are more than 300 tagged under Wrist Fractures. If, for example, you choose Wrist Fractures as a keyword, your product will appear during all 300 of those videos. And, you may choose multiple keywords.

In what order do the products appear?

The products will appear in random order. The order will change whenever the page is refreshed.

What are the categories I can choose from?

We use the same category list that is used to tag the videos on Hand-e. This is called the Curriculum of Hand Surgery. You can see all of the tags by visiting the Curriculum page and viewing the categories on the left hand sidebar

Does the Related Products sidebar ever go away?

By default, the Related Products sidebar appears during every video throughout the entire video, unless there are no products related to the video. The sidebar is collapsible, but the viewer must manually collapse it.

Do I have to promote a specific product?

The intention of the sidebar is to promote specific products that may be related to the video; however, you may use the sidebar to run a general ad for your company if that is what you prefer.

What is the turnaround time after I submit my form?

ASSH staff can have your product on our website within 2 business days of receiving your form.

What size should my product image be?

Your image should be 700x396 pixels. It can be a PNG or JPG file.

Can you track the number of clicks we receive?

Because your product advertisement will link to an external URL (a URL of your choice), we cannot track the number of clicks. You should work with your IT team to track the number of clicks. Or, you can link your advertisement to a YouTube video, which makes it easy for you to track referrals.

Who has access to Hand-e?

Hand-e has more than 6,000 subscribers. More than 4,000 are ASSH members. The remaining are either non-member subscribers, hand fellows, or residents. Residents are given free access to Hand-e. Of our subscribers, 63% are hand surgeons, 2.5% are fellows, 11% are residents, and the remaining are other medical professionals such as hand therapists, nurses, surgeons, etc.
Contact Kris R. Delas Armas, CMP at [email protected] with additional questions about this opportunity.