2017 ASSH/AAHS Specialty Day: Mending the Weekend Warrior
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From: 03/18/2017 To: 03/18/2017
Location: San Diego, California


Treating the weekend warrior entails unique challenges and rewards for hand surgeons. These patients often push themselves to their physical limit—pouring pent up passions into after-work play, exercise, and athletic endeavors. “Down time” is anathema to their competitive spirit. Unrealistic expectations can make these patients challenging to treat, yet paradoxically, their motivation could make them ideal patients. This symposium examines many of the issues afflicting this patient group, many of which don’t have ideal solutions. The course design includes outreach to the global community of practitioners over this past year to solicit advice and, perhaps, identify new tricks and techniques so that evidence-based medicine and conventional wisdom can be melded with “crowd-sourced wisdom” to help us mend the weekend warrior.

Help enhance the Specialty Day program by participating in a global online discussion, where you can converse with hand surgeons from around the world.



Review common and controversial upper extremity sports injuries. At the end of the symposium, audience members will be able to recognize and diagnose many of these injuries, understand treatment options, and appreciate nuances of more complex surgical strategies.
Joshua M. Abzug, MD
Julie E. Adams, MD
Brian D. Adams, MD
Gregory I. Bain, FRACS, PhD
Mark E. Baratz, MD
Steven Beldner, MD, FACS
Leon S. Benson, MD
Philip E. Blazar, MD
Ryan P. Calfee, MD, MSc
Ilvy H. Cotterell, MD
David G. Dennison, MD
Seth D. Dodds, MD
Scott FM Duncan, MD, MPH, MBA
Peter J. Evans, MD, PhD
R. Glenn Gaston, MD
Steven Z. Glickel, MD
Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD, MS
Michael R. Hausman, MD
Jonathan E. Isaacs, MD
Sanjeev Kakar, MD
Thomas R. Kiefhaber, MD
Donald H. Lalonde, MD
Steve K. Lee, MD
Stephen J. Leibovic, MD
Fraser J. Leversedge, MD
John D. Lubahn, MD, FACS
Matthew M. Malerich, MD
Daniel J. Nagle, MD
A. Lee Osterman, MD
Brad Parsons, MD
William C. Pederson, MD, FACS
Ghazi M. Rayan, MD
Mark Rekant, MD
Marc J. Richard, MD
Marco Rizzo, MD
Tamara D. Rozental, MD
Adam B. Shafritz, MD
Alexander Y. Shin, MD
Dean G. Sotereanos, MD
Scott P. Steinmann, MD
Robert J. Strauch, MD
Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD
Scott W. Wolfe, MD
Jeffrey Yao, MD
David S. Zelouf, MD
Michael R. Hausman, MD
Jonathan E. Isaacs, MD

The ASSH designates this live activity for a maximum of 8.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

(Registration for the 2017 ASSH/AAHS Specialty Day Program is through AAOS.)

Registration rates:

 Member  $99
 Resident/Fellow  $29
 Allied Health
 Exhibiting Professional     $250 



Housing opens Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Book your room through AAOS here: http://www.aaos.org/Annual_Meeting/Housing___Travel/Housing_Landing_Page/





United Airlines is offering special discounts for this course.  You may book online at www.united.com and enter code ZXS3 in the Offer Code box when searching for flights.  If booking through a travel professional or over the phone through United Meetings at (800) 426-1122, please share agreement code: 835613 and Z code: ZXS3.

Questions? Contact Selena Quiroz at squiroz@assh.org or call (312) 880-1900.

Day 1

Saturday, March 18, 2017

7:30 – 5:10 PM

American Society for Surgery of the Hand & American Association for Hand Surgery

“Mending the Weekend Warrior”

8.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

Michael R. Hausman, MD, Program Co-Chair

Jonathan E. Isaacs, MD, Program Co-Chair

Session I – Thenar Pain

            Moderator: R. Glenn Gaston, MD

7:30 AM - 7:35 AM Introductions Michael R. Hausman, MD, Jonathan E. Isaacs, MD, Ghazi M. Rayan, MD & William C. Pederson, MD, FACS

7:36 AM - 7:42 AM CMC Arthritis: Can I still win with an LRTI? R. Glenn Gaston, MD

7:43 AM - 7:49 AM Joint Preservation: Does it work? Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD

7:50 AM - 7:56 AM MCP Hyperextension: What’s the “Quick and Dirty” solution that really works? Robert J. Strauch, MD

7:57 AM – 8:03 AM I’m 24. My basal joint really hurts, and my x-rays are normal. Help! Steven Z. Glickel, MD

8:04 AM - 8:10 AM Alternative Surgeries: Can I get back to playing faster? A. Lee Osterman, MD

8:10 AM - 8:26 AM Mass wisdom and Q&A


Session II - Tennis

            Moderator: Michael R. Hausman, MD


8:27 AM – 8:33 AM Lateral Epicondylitis: What really works? Michael R. Hausman, MD


8:34 AM - 8:40 AM Snapping Elbow: Differential, work up, and treatment of plica Jeffrey Yao, MD

8:41 AM - 8:50 AM Forearm Pain: Pronator syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, and myofascial pain syndrome Jonathan E. Isaacs, MD

8:51 AM - 8:57 AM Biceps Tendonitis: Must I really tear and repair? Gregory I. Bain, FRACS, PhD

8:58 AM - 9:04 AM Osteoarthritis of the elbow: How much? How quickly? Scott P. Steinmann, MD

9:05 AM - 9:11 AM Yoga Wrist Joshua M. Abzug, MD

9:12 AM - 9:18 AM Pump syndrome: What is it and how do you treat it? Does surgery work? Fraser J. Leversedge, MD

9:19 AM - 9:30 AM Mass wisdom and Q&A

            Moderator: Ryan P. Calfee, MD, MSc

9:31 AM - 9:37 AM Denervation of the elbow and wrist: Convince me this works and show me how I do it? Marco Rizzo, MD

9:38 AM – 9:44 AM ECU subluxation and tendonitis: Diagnosis, treatment options, and surgery Marc J. Richard, MD

9:45 AM – 9:51 AM Ulna Abutment: How to get back to tennis ASAP! Ryan P. Calfee, MD, MSc

9:52 AM – 10:02 AM DRUJ instability/arthritis/TFCC traumatic tears to unstable: Diagnosis, conservative treatment, and overview of options (including Arthroscopic Repair video) Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD, MS

10:03 AM – 10:09 AM Open Repair (video) Adam B. Shafritz, MD

10:10 AM – 10:16 AM Ligament Reconstruction (video) Brian D. Adams, MD

10:17 AM – 10:32 AM Mass wisdom and Q&A

10:33 AM – 10:43 AM BREAK


Session III – Javelin (and baseball)

            Moderator: John D. Lubahn, MD, FACS

10:44 AM - 10:50 AM Medical overload/MUCL: Prognosis for future activity Mark E. Baratz, MD

10:51 AM - 10:57 AM MUCL reconstruction (video) Dean G. Sotereanos, MD

10:58 AM - 11:04 AM Medial epicondylitis: What is it? What to do? David S. Zelouf, MD

11:05AM - 11:11 AM The unstable ulnar nerve: When to treat and when to reassure? John D. Lubahn, MD, FACS

11:12 AM - 11:25 AM Mass wisdom and Q&A


Session IV – Basketball

            Moderator: Sanjeev Kakar, MD

11:26 AM - 11:32 AM Mallet finger bony injuries: Which ones need surgery and how to do it? Sanjeev Kakar, MD

11:33 AM - 11:39 AM Mallet finger soft tissue: How long to splint? How to get full extension? Leon S. Benson, MD

 11:40 AM - 11:46 AM Pip “sprain”: Splint, mobilize, and what to do about chronic pain and stiffness? Daniel J. Nagle, MD

11:47 AM - 11:53 AM Pip collat lig rupture (unstable): how to fixacute and chronic Thomas R. Kiefhaber, MD

11:54 AM - 12:00 PM Pip sprain with flexion contracture: When therapy fails, what next? Peter J. Stern, MD

12:01 PM - 12:07 PM Pip fx/discloc Thomas R. Kiefhaber, MD

12:08 PM - 12:14 PM Reverse relative motion splinting for boutonierre injuries - does it work? Donald H. Lalonde, MD

12:15 PM – 12:21 PM PASTA: A meal in itself Peter J. Evans, MD, PhD

12:22 PM – 12:38 PM Mass wisdom and Q&A

12:39 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch

Session V – Soccer and Skiing

            Moderator: Mark Rekant, MD

1:31 PM - 1:37 PM Thumb UCL injuries: What needs to be fixed David G. Dennison, MD

1:38 PM - 1:44 PM Thumb UCL injuries: How to do it? Mark Rekant, MD

1:45 PM - 1:51 PM Thumb and index RCL injuries: How to treat? Scott F.M. Duncan, MD, MPH, MBA

1:52 PM - 1:58 PM RCL Reconstruction (video) Scott F.M. Duncan, MD, MPH, MBA

Session VI - FOOSH

            Moderator: Tamara D. Rozental, MD

1:59 PM - 2:05 PM SL Diastasis; How to differentiate acute injuries and acute on chronic injuries? Does the MRI ever lie? When to fix and when to pin and when to ignore? Tamara D. Rozental, MD

2:06 PM - 2:12 PM Brunelli Procedure (video) Steve K. Lee, MD

2:13 PM - 2:19 PM RASL (video) Stephen J. Leibovic, MD

2:20 PM - 2:26 PM Distal pole excision (video) Matthew M. Malerich, MD

2:27 PM - 2:33 PM Scaphoid fractures: Percutaneous fixation for early return to play (video) Alexander Y. Shin, MD

 2:34 PM - 2:40 PM Delayed Presentation: When are vascularized grafts necessary? Scott W. Wolfe, MD

2:41 PM – 2:47 PM TILT injuries: They’ve seen you…have you seen them? Daniel J. Nagle, MD

2:48 PM – 3:03 PM Mass wisdom and Q&A


Session VII – Boxing/Karate

            Moderator: Philip E. Blazar, MD

3:04 PM - 3:10 PM Sagittal band rupture splint or fix Philip E. Blazar, MD

3:11 PM - 3:17 PM “Boxer’s knuckle” Steven Beldner, MD, FACS

3:18 PM - 3:24 PM Amateur Boxer’s fix: splinting vs. nothing vs. fixation Ilvy H. Cotterell, MD

3:25 PM - 3:31 PM Metacarpal shaft fx: Plate vs. pin and are absorbable plates better? Julie E. Adams, MD

3:32 PM - 3:38 PM Post Fracture Extensor Tendon Adhesions Donald H. Lalonde, MD

3:39 PM - 3:55 PM Mass wisdom and Q&A


Session VIII – Potpourri (CMC/Shoulder/Flag Football)

            Moderator: Seth D. Dodds, MD

3:56 PM – 4:02 PM Thumb CMC: fx/disloc - What’s the best treatment? Seth D. Dodds, MD

 4:03 PM – 4:09 PM Shoulder dislocation: What, when and how to fix? Brad Parsons, MD

 4:10 PM – 4:16 PM Labral tear: When is it real and what’s the best way to treat? Scott P. Steinmann, MD

 4:17 PM – 4:23 PM Jersey Fingers: Tricks for getting the tendon out to length Donald H. Lalonde, MD

 4:24 PM – 4:39 PM Mass wisdom and Q&A

 4:40 PM – 5:10 PM Closing comments and adjournment


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