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Partnership Philosophy

Founded in 1946, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand is the oldest medical specialty society in the United States devoted to continuing medical education related to hand surgery. ASSH members are hand surgeons and medical professional who specialize in the treatment of hand and upper extremity related conditions.

We believe that a partnership between industry and ASSH should first and foremost serve the needs of our members and meeting attendees. A partnership to us means finding solutions to best connect our society community with key suppliers and innovators. Join us as we continue to serve our mission, "to advance the science and practice of hand surgery through education, research and advocacy on behalf of patients and practitioners."

Learn more about the Hand Society's partnership philosophy by reading our "10 Commandments" for forming ethical relationships between physicians and commercial corporations.

Year-Round Partnership Support Levels & Recognition

Why Become a Partner? Develop meaningful interaction with ASSH membership to enjoy heightened visibility in the hand and upper limb community, position your company as a leader in the field and make a lasting, positive impression with ASSH members!

    • Elite Partnership is reached by committing $100,000 or more
    • Premier Partnership is reached by committing $50,000 - $99,999 in support
    • Classic Partnership is reached by committing $20,000 – $49,999 in support
    • Standard Partnership is reached by committing $1,000 – $19,999 in support 

Some of the unique benefits include:

  • Elite partners get a sneak peak at the 2014 exhibit hall to select their booth in advance, prior to publication in exhibitor prospectus!
  • Premier partners receive upgraded listings in program materials and are featured in quarterly newsletter to members. 
  • Classic and Standard partners receive discounts on advertising and bonus priority points for exhibit hall placement.
  • All this and more! 

Partnership status is activated by supporting an education, training or research grant. Continue to earn credits toward Standard, Classic, Premier or Elite Partner status through advertising and other promotional activities (print and digital) as well as exhibiting at our stand-alone courses and at the Annual Meeting. Our partnership program is designed to maximize your company’s exposure while providing you with key benefits to acknowledge your support of both the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand. Your support allows us to keep costs low while continuing to offer the most advanced educational courses as well as fund the most promising research fellowships. Recognition begins as soon as your partnership is activated!

Corporate Partnership Program Rules

    • Current supporters have first right of refusal and must decide within 24 hours of being contacted if they will continue to support an item/activity.
    • A letter of agreement must be signed for all support opportunities. The commercial supporter must agree to abide by the conditions put forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support.
    • Partnership is activated through education/training/research grant support and commercial/promotional commitments. Exhibition and advertising fees contribute to partnership level but do not constitute a partnership in itself.
    • 12-month support program begins and is renewed with each ASSH Annual Meeting and is based on advertising/commercial support, educational grants, AFSH contribution and exhibition fees paid.
    • Product purchases, including items from the ASSH store, mailing labels and market research products do not count towards partnership level.

Ready to become a 2014 Corporate Partner?

Contact Kris R. Delas Armas, Meetings & Corporate Relations Manager at or by phone at (312) 880-1913 to develop a custom support package.

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